Thursday, February 19, 2015

Gang City, Houston: In the Last Two Years Police Have Logged More than 15,000 Gang-Related Crimes that Range from Murder to Graffiti

By A Texas Reader

Wait till the comments erupt over this article.

Houstonians go ballistic over the violent crime in their Third World city.

They freely blame Katrina "refugees" (and rightly so), and illegal aliens.

Wait till tomorrow.

Trust me on this one.


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Anonymous said...

I m in my mid 50s, white and when I was a kid--poor.My mom had to work to help the house BEFORE women went enmasse into the workforce.
I never was in a gang, didn t know anyone in a gang.There were kids I had fun with...friends they were called.
This gang stuff must be stopped.It s antisocial behavior.I had lawbreaking Mexicans living next door to me for a year.It was insane--nothing I ve ever thought I d ever see in my neighborhood.Doing drug deals, planning assaults on people.They d stand in the front yard of their section 8 house and talk on their phones about it all.I had them evicted eventually.
Solution:Gang members should be jailed for life or until they re too old to be a problem.Let them play their shortsighted lifestyle in prison...and leave the rest of us out of it.