Thursday, February 26, 2015

Today is the Third Anniversary of the Righteous Killing of Racist, Would-be Murderer Trayvon Martin! Hurray for George Zimmerman! Bibliography of Over 200 Trayvon Martin Hoax Posts (A Black History Month Moment)


A close-up of George Zimmerman's broken nose in the back of a police car, February 26, 2012

The bloody wounds that Trayvon Martin inflicted on the back of Zimmerman’s head, when Martin repeatedly slammed Zimmerman’s head into the pavement, while trying to murder him

By Nicholas Stix

Stix VDARE Report: “George Zimmerman and the ‘Thirteenth Juror’—the Threat of Black Riots If He’s Acquitted.”]

Stix VDARE Report:
"Barack Obama, Trayvon Martin, and the Four Dirty Little Secrets of Black America";

* * *
[From WEJB/NSU’s files:

“Sanford, Florida: Black ‘Little Boy,’Trayvon Martin 17, Beat White ‘Vigilante’ George Zimmerman Bloody; Zimmerman Shot Martin Dead; Now Black WFTV ‘Reporter,’ Daralene Jones, Black Supremacists, and White Aunt Jemima Earwitness Demand That Zimmerman be Arrested”;

“Trayvon Martin: ABC ‘News’ Gets on Bandwagon, Acting as Martin’s Family Mouthpiece; Family Lawyer Refuses to Release All Information about Teen’s Last Phone Call to Girlfriend, but Insists That It Requires That George Zimmerman be Arrested ‘Right Now’”;

“Arrest First, Investigate Later: Press Conference by Lawyer Benjamin Crump, of Trayvon Martin’s Family, Seeks Through Violation of Due Process… to Railroad George Zimmerman”;

“News Coverage of the Trayvon Martin Case Keeps Getting Worse: New York Daily News Passes Off ABC News Hearsay as ‘Interview,’ While Changing the Hearsay!”;

“USA Today: ‘In wake of black teen Trayvon Martin's death, USA is soul-searching’; McPaper Invokes Jena 6, Quotes Al Sharpton, “ThugNiggaIntellectual” Mark Anthony Neal, and Jena Attacker Theo Shaw as Moral Authorities”;

“Why the Secret ‘Interview’ with Trayvon Martin’s Secret Girlfriend is Bogus, and His Alleged Last Cell Phone Call is Insignificant”;

“Another Trayvon Martin Supporter: Florida Atlantic U. Hate Crime Attacker Jonatha Carr Had Just been Interviewed about the Jena Six/Nuremberg-Style Rally She’s been Organizing; CBS12 News Tries to Rationalize Her Crimes”;

“Trayvon Martin’s Parents Attend New York City Riot Held on Their Behalf”;

Associated Press and Penn Live: Arrest George Zimmerman for Killing Trayvon Martin, the Law be Damned! Let Zimmerman Prove His Innocence in Court!”

National Review ‘Conservative’ Rich Lowry Goes to Bat for Al Sharpton in Trayvon Martin Case, Ignoring or Misrepresenting Facts of the Case”;

“Trayvon Martin Case: Real Eyewitness Supports Zimmerman’s Story, as Opposed to Lynch Mob’s Fake Eyewitnesses”;

“Barack Obama: Because Trayvon Martin was Black, and Vaguely Resembled Me, ‘All of Us Have to Do Some Soul-Searching’”;

Federale on the Trayvon Martin Hoax: National Review’s Rich Lowry and Robert VerBruggen Seek Street Cred with Black Supremacists by Sacrificing George Zimmerman; America Needs More Zimmermans, and Fewer Lowries and VerBruggens”;

“The Trayvon Martin Hoax: Business Insider Joins Mob Seeking to Lynch George Zimmerman”;

“The Trayvon Martin Hoax: Geraldo Rivera Finally Does the Right Thing!”;

“Black Supremacist Spike Lee (‘Tawana Told the Truth!’) is Trying to Get George Zimmerman Murdered, by Tweeting His Address: The Trayvon Martin Hoax”;

“Hoax Starts to Unravel: Trayvon Martin Started Fight, and was Going to Kill George Zimmerman”;

“George Zimmerman’s Lawyer and Friend Defend Him Against Trayvon Martin Hoax, While ABC News Soldiers on, Repeating Refuted Claims”;

“First Report on Trayvon Martin’s Death One Month Ago Already Included Eyewitness Description of Martin Beating George Zimmerman, and Zimmerman Yelling ‘Help Me!’”;

“George Zimmerman: Trayvon Martin was Trying to Murder Me (Orlando Sentinel)”;

“Jesse Jackson Called for Riots on Behalf of Trayvon Martin, and North Miami Beach Senior HS Students Came Through, Ransacking a Walgreen’s”;

“Another ‘Honor Student’: Trayvon Martin was a Thug, Vandal, Burglar, Pothead and/or Drug Dealer, and Had been Suspended from School at Least 3 Times”;

“The Nation of Islam’s New Black Panther Party Offers $10,000 Bounty for the Kidnapping (or Murder?) of George Zimmerman, for Shooting Trayvon Martin”;

“Walter Williams on Profiling and the Trayvon Martin Case”;

“Barack Obama’s Ally, the Genocidal Nation of Islam’s New Black Panther Party, Calls for the Murder of George Zimmerman”;

“Trayvon Martin: Racist Terrorist Rep. Bobby Rush (Race-Chicago/Black Panthers), is Thrown Off House Floor for Donning a Hoodie, and Denouncing ‘Racial Profiling’; CBS ‘News’ Soldiers on with Race Hoax”;

“Heather MacDonald Goes Halfway on the Trayvon Martin Case, Race, and the Media”;

“I Guess Everybody Would Have Preferred George be Beaten to Death; My Son being Shot”: Video of George Zimmerman’s Father’s Exclusive Miami Herald Interview”;

“Trayvon Martin FAQ”;

“Elderly Couple Terrorized by Spike Lee Hires Attorney; Lee Simulates Humility and Humanity, in Order to Avoid Losing Millions in Court”;

“Vichycon David Frum to MSM: I’ll Support Your Trayvon Martin Hoax, if You’ll Continue Supporting Me as a ‘Conservative’”;

“Cartoonist Stephanie Eisner Gets Fired for Excessive Honesty in Racial Fairy Tale Pic Depicting Trayvon Martin Hoax”;

“Petition Demands That Suppressed UT Cartoonist Stephanie Eisner, Victim of the Racist Trayvon Martin Witch Hunt, be Reinstated!”;

“Sherlock Holmes on the Curious Case of Trayvon Martin, the State of the Legal Mechanisms in ‘the Colonies,’ and the Value of Even a Corrupt Press”;

“A Washington State Reader Writes on the Trayvon Martin Hoax, a Raceless Shooter, Readers Who Do Reporters’ Work for Them, and Seattle’s Northgate Mall”;

“Relative of George Zimmerman: George Stepped Up for Black Homeless Beating Victim Sherman Ware, When the Black Community Ignored Ware, but the Same Black Community, Including Ware’s Sister, Now Denounces Him as a ‘Racist’”;

“The Orlando Sentinel Provides a Non-Explanatory Map of the Shooting of Trayvon Martin, Highly Censored Comments, and One Typical, Black Racist Post”;

“Racist, Black L.A. Times Columnist Sandy Banks Goes to Plan B: Trayvon Martin Case ‘Transcends the issue of race’”;

“George Zimmerman's Father: My Son is Not Racist, Did Not Confront Trayvon Martin”;

“Populist Outrage, or Racist Astroturfing? New NPR Cover Story for Trayvon Martin Hoax Lawyer Covers Up How He Really Works”;

“Federale on Trayvon Martin and the Second Amendment: Gun Nuts Looking to Trade Freedom for Security on Race Will Find They Lose Their Guns, in the Bargain”;

And Then They Came for John Derbyshire: Racial Socialists Organize High-Tech Lynching Over Trayvon Martin Column, with White “Conservatives” Begging, ‘Please Let Us Join in the Fun!’;

“Kapo Con Rich Lowry Fires John Derbyshire, Continues No Comments Policy at National Review”;

The Atlantic, Trayvon Martin, and John Derbyshire: Fake “Discussion Thread” for Ta-Nehisi Coates is a Rigged, Affirmative Action Echo Chamber”;

“Is Peter Brimelow Next on Racial Socialists’ list, or was He Just Temporarily Bumped?”;

“At National Review, Mark Steyn Tells Rich Lowry, ‘You were Wrong and Hypocritical to Fire John Derbyshire, and You Bought Yourself No Peace from the Racist Left’”;

“6 Shots Fired into Police Cruiser Parked Outside of George Zimmerman’s Home, Presumably by Racist Black Supporter of Trayvon Martin; 3 Florida Counties Expect Hurricane-Like Black Race Riots”;

“Did Trayvon Martin Supporters Re-Program a Roadside Sign in Michigan to Call Martin a ‘Nigger’?”;

“George Zimmerman's (Former?) Attorney, Hal Uhrig, Explains Why Zimmerman was Not Guilty of Committing Any Crime Against Trayvon Martin”;

“George Zimmerman to be Charged Today, in Trayvon Martin Case; Should He Flee the Country?”;

“George Zimmerman, Political Prisoner: Florida Special Prosecutor Angela Corey Charges Zimmerman with Second Degree Murder for Killing Trayvon Martin”;

Unamusement Park: To Kill a Mockingbird, er, NO_LIMIT_NIGGA: Authorities Arrest “an Honorary Member of the Same Race as Hitler;

“Illinois Reader Called for George Zimmerman to Flee to Peru Back on March 23; I Should Have Posted His Advice Then!”;

“Paul Mulshine: National Review Goes Politically Correct”;

“Grieving Parents with a Thirst for Justice, or Racist Grifters?
Trayvon Martin’s Parents are Using to Mass Mail Letters, as Part of Their Campaign to Get Rich Off of Their Thug Son’s Death”

“Special Prosecutor Angela Corey Announces the Charges Against George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin Death (Video)”;

“Racist Black Time Columnist, ‘Touré,’ Asserts That There Has been a Wave of White-on-Black Violence, but Has no Stats, and Even His Anecdotes”;

“Alan Dershowitz: Facts Stated in Angela Corey’s Affidavit, Charging George Zimmerman with Murder Two, All Support Zimmerman on Self-Defense; Affi ‘Doesn’t Even Make It to Probable Cause,’ and is ‘Irresponsible,’ ‘Unethical’”;

“I'm George Zimmerman! I'm George Zimmerman! I'm George Zimmerman!”;

“Video of George Zimmerman’s First Court Appearance; Formal Arraignment Set for May 29th”;

“Chief of Staff Michelle Williams of the Genocidal Nation of Islam’s New Black Panther Party Calls for the Murder of George Zimmerman, Then Lies and Denies Having Done So; Makes a Non-Apology; Wants a National ‘Dialogue’ on Race; Sees Herself as a Rosa Parks for Justice”;

“Federale: ‘Threats of Rioting are Not Probable Cause That George Zimmerman Committed a Crime,’ and the Downward Spiral of National Review;

“Trayvon Martin Hate Crime Cover-Up in Grand Rapids, Michigan; Give the Local Media Hell! (Contact Info)”;

National Review Still Employs a Notoriously Noxious Racist!”;

“Nation of Islam Leader, Min. Louis Farrakhan, Threatens Racial Holocaust, if Whites Do Not Surrender”;

AP’s Suzette Laboy Promotes Racial Fairy Tale of Initial Failure to Charge George Zimmerman ‘Inflaming Racial Tensions’ in Sanford, FL, in Trayvon Martin Hoax”;

“It’s Trayvon Martin’s World: Sanford, FL Police Throw SYG and Self-Defense Out the Window; Black Perp Shouts Racial Slur at, Pistol-Whips Bloody from Behind, and Points Gun at White Vic; Vic Shoots Perp, Gets Book Thrown at Him”;

“Min. Louis Farrakhan, Leader of the Murderous Nation of Islam and New Black Panther Party, Calls for Racist Murders on Behalf of Trayvon Martin”;

“Black Supremacist Daily Beast Writer Threatens Rodney King-Style Riots, Unless George Zimmerman Permits Himself to be Sacrificed”;

The Photograph: George Zimmerman, Crime Victim;

“Novelist James Howard Kunstler Tap Dances Around Jim Snow and the Trayvon Martin Hoax”;

Alan Dershowitz on George Zimmerman Prosecution: “It’s Not Only Immoral, but Stupid”;

“Finally: Accurate, Objective, Up-to-the-Minute Pictures of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman”;

“‘Now, That’s Justice for Trayvon!’: In Mobile, Alabama, 20 Racist Blacks Beat One White Man into ICU, on His Own Property, for … Nothing”;

“‘Mr. Owens is the Problem… I Don’t Think No Black Kids are Bad”: Black Neighbor and Kids in Mobile Explain That Mob of Blacks That Beat White Matthew Owens Almost to Death are the Real Victims, Owens the Oppressor”;

“Terry Rawls and Lemika (aka Lemica) Whisenhunt: The Figures at the Center of the Mobile, AL, ‘Justice for Trayvon’ Lynching of Matthew Owens; Mayor, Police, Media, Join Battle Against Victim”;

“Nazi Ethics: Another Trayvon Attack, This Time in Oak Park, Il.”;

“Christian Science Monitor Writer Comes Close to Journalistic Balance on Trayvon Martin Hoax”;

“Trayvon’s World (Warning: Foul and Excruciatingly Stupid Language, Explicit Violence)”;

“George Zimmerman, Saint?”

“An Illinois Reader Has Lots of Unanswered Questions About the Death of Trayvon Martin”;

“Black Blog Compares Knoxville Horror to Trayvon Martin”;

“Trayvon Martin’s Parents are Disgusted by “Hoodie/Skittles” Targets, but Not by Movement to Murder George Zimmerman (Like Their Son Sought to Do)”;

“Thomas Sowell: A Censored Race War?”;

“Trayvon Martin Hoax: Racist Black Undertaker Lied; Martin Had Bloodied His Knuckles Beating George Zimmerman”;

“It Gets Worse: A Florida Reader Writes on the Judicial Lynching of George Zimmerman (the Trayvon Martin Hoax)”;

“The Trayvon Martin Hoax: AOL/Huffington Post Reports More Evidence Exculpating George Zimmerman, But Makes Sure to Mix in More Trayvon Propaganda”;

“To be White in Grand Rapids, MI: From All-American City to Diversitopia (Updated and Expanded!) ”;

“John Lott: Release of George Zimmerman’s Medical Records Exposes Media Cover-Up, in Trayvon Martin Case [Fox News: No comments permitted!] ”;

“Baloo: Trayvon Martin: Media Damage Control”;

“Alan Dershowitz: Drop George Zimmerman’s Murder Charge (and Prosecute and Disbar SP Angela Corey)”;

“Video of Trayvon Martin Buying Iced Tea and Skittles in Deli, Just Before His Death”;

“Alan Dershowitz: George Zimmerman Special Persecutor Angela Corey Wants to Sue Me and Have Me Disbarred for Criticizing Her, but She Belongs in Jail for Perjury”;

“No First Amendment for You, Whitey: Miami-Dade Fire Captain Who Criticized Trayvon Martin Hoax is Busted All the Way Down to Fireman, Humiliated, and Ordered to Undergo Psych Evaluation and Still More Diversity Training”;

“Jack Cashill on the Trayvon Martin Hoax: What Martin was Really Up to, Just Before Trying to Murder George Zimmerman”;

“George Zimmerman’s Wife, Shellie, Arrested Today; Will His Parents and Brother be Arrested, Too?”;

“Angela Corey, Monster”;

“Is Angela Corey After George Zimmerman, in the Hopes of Appeasing Blacks and Saving Her Career?”;

“Federale: Sanford, FL Has a Huge Problem with Racist Cops: Racist Black Cops Immediately Sought to Railroad George Zimmerman; Miami Herald Tries to Keep Hoax Alive!”;

“The Trayvon Martin Hoax: Special Persecutor Angela Corey ‘Accidentally’ (Wink, Wink) E-Mailed Prejudicial, Irrelevant Information About White-Enough Patsy George Zimmerman to the Media; the AOL/Huffington Post Says It Won’t Divulge the Information, and Then Does So, Anyway!”;

“Zimmerman Stuns Court, Waives Right to ‘Stand Your Ground’ Hearing in Trayvon Martin Case”;

“The Same Prosecutors Seeking to Railroad George Zimmerman for Defending His Life Against Would-be Murderer Trayvon Martin Now Admit That Their Chief Witness, Martin’s Fake Girlfriend, alias ‘Dee Dee,’ alias ‘Civilian Witness 8,’ Committed Perjury (but are They Going to Drop the False Charges? Not on Your Life!), but Protect Her Anonymity…”;

“At Commentary, French, Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkey Sacrifices George Zimmerman in Trayvon Martin Hoax”;

“Jack Cashill on the Trayvon Martin Hoax: Did ABC News “Reporter” Matt Gutman Seek to Cause a Race War, by Deliberately Misreporting on Martin’s Attack on George Zimmerman?”;

“The Trayvon Martin Hoax: Is George Zimmerman's Lawyer Mark O'Mara in the Tank, or Has He Simply Surrendered?”;

“Guns, Marijuana, and Fighting: Bombshell Revelations from Trayvon Martin’s Cell Phone; Prosecution Seeks to Suppress Yet More Evidence of Martin’s Thuggery, So as to Railroad George Zimmerman”;

“The Trayvon Martin Hoax: Hysteria Narrative: As Murder Trial Begins, Media-Spawned Furor and Hard Facts are Set to Collide”;

“George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin Case: Alleged Witness Mary Cutcher Rips Journalist”;

“Day One in the George Zimmerman Trial: Is the Fix in?”;

“It’s Ghetto Lottery Time! Trayvon Martin’s Parents Have Begun Cleaning Up.”;

“Day Two of the George Zimmerman Trial: Defense Lands Multiple Blows, Drawing Blood and Friends from Prosecution Witnesses”;

“Judge Grants License to Prosecution—Again: Liveblogging the George Zimmerman Trial: Day Three”;

“The Crazy Lady Witness: Liveblogging the George Zimmerman Trial: Day Three”;

“George Zimmerman Trial: Day 3, Witness Jane Surdyka (The Crazy Lady), Part 1 Video”;

“George Zimmerman Trial Day Three: Witness Jane Surdyka (The Crazy Lady), Part II” (Post #117);

“Finally, an Honest Witness! Liveblogging George Zimmerman Trial Day Three: Filipino Neighbor Jeannee Manalo”;

“‘Creepy Ass Cracker’: What ‘Star Witness’ Rachel Jeantel Testified That Trayvon Martin Said About George Zimmerman (Trial, Day 4)”;

“In George Zimmerman Trial, the Prosecution and the Defense Have Reversed Roles (Day 4)”;

“‘Star Witness’ Rachel ‘That’s a Retarted Question’ Jeantel was Just Excused (George Zimmerman Trial, Day 4)”;

“Trayvon Martin Put Race in This” (George Zimmerman Trial, Day 4)”;

“The George Zimmerman Trial is Concerned with a Homophobic and Racially-Motivated Hate Crime—So, Why aren’t Gay Activists All Over It?! (Day 4)”;

“Reuters Works to Railroad George Zimmerman”;

“With Too Many Posters Talking Sense on the George Zimmerman Trial Against the Trayvonistas, Crime Web Site Websleuths Shuts Down All Discussions of the Case!”;

“My VDARE Column on the George Zimmerman Trial is Up!”;

“Prosecution Medical Examiner Valerie J. Rao is Trying to Railroad George Zimmerman by Testifying That His Injuries were Minor, as if Head Injuries weren't Lethally Dangerous”;

“Wikipedia’s Thread Nazis are Working to Completely Confuse Readers About Rachel Jeantel's Testimony in the George Zimmerman Trial!”;

“How Multiculturalism Destroys the Jury/Grand-Jury System”;

“Day Eight of the George Zimmerman Trial: Being a Criminal is Fine, but Wanting to Become a Cop is the Equivalent of ‘666’”;

“‘Trayvon!’: Racist Black Crowd Aids and Abets Black Purse Snatcher, Stomps Hands of White Good Samaritan, While Shouting Name of Failed, Aspiring, Racist Murderer”;

“Does Michael Savage Suffer from a Mental Disorder? Talk Radio Host Hops Aboard Trayvon Martin Bandwagon”;

“John Lott: The Zimmerman Trial is Already Over”;

“CNN Broadcasts George Zimmerman's Social Security Number and Other Vital Information—but was Prosecutorial Chicanery at Fault?”;

“John Lott: The Zimmerman Trial is Already Over”;

“Day 9 of the George Zimmerman Trial”;

“AOL’s Huffington Post Buries Coverage of the Zimmerman Trial!”;

“At AOL’s Huffington Post, Trayvonista Law Professor Bennett L. Gershman Tries to Deceive Readers into Believing George Zimmerman’s Defense Team is Getting Away with Murder”;

“Blacks’ War on the American Jury Trial System: The O.J. Simpson Civil Trial”;

“Judge Debra Nelson to Rule Defense’s Animation Re-Creation of Trayvon Martin’s Attack on George Zimmerman Inadmissible Today”

“Whatever the Jury Decides, George Zimmerman Needs a New Country. So Do We. (My New VDARE Column is Up!)”;

“Not Guilty! George Zimmerman is Acquitted!”;

“After Acquittal of George Zimmerman, Defense Atty Mark O’Mara Says Zimmerman Would Never Have been Charged, Had He been Black; Special Persecutor Angela Corey Lies About Her Role in Case; Racists Outside of Courthouse Weep, Neglect Sleepy Little Children, and Call for Riots”;

“Defense Attorney Mark O’Mara Condemns Media and Prosecutors for Persecuting George Zimmerman”;

“Trayvon Martin Family Lawyers Say in Racial Code That Zimmerman Case was a Victory for Young Black Criminals”;

“The Death of Trayvon Martin was Not a Tragedy!”;

“The Zimmerman Verdict: All Media Blacks That Expressed or Even Implied an Opinion were Trayvonistas”;

“The George Zimmerman Trial, and the Republican Establishment”;

“David Horowitz, Useful Idiot? Erstwhile Anti-Communist and Race Realist Has Jumped Aboard the Trayvon Martin/Gun-Grabber Bandwagon, Much to His Readers' Chagrin”;

“First Trayvon Martin Riots Hit Oakland”;

“Jared Taylor on the George Zimmerman Show Trial Verdict”;

“Judicial Watch Exposes Justice Department Conspiracy to Violate George Zimmerman’s Civil Rights”;

“McCain: How a Miami School Crime Cover-Up Policy Led to Trayvon Martin’s Death”;

“John Fund: Al Sharpton, the NAACP, and Criminal General Eric Holder are in Charge at DOJ; the Prosecutorial Misconduct in George Zimmerman’s Trial Reveals a Judicial System Run Amok”;

“Geraldo Rivera: The Jurors Would Have Killed Trayvon Martin Even Sooner! Zimmerman was Justified in Killing Martin; Prosecution is Entirely Due to Al Sharpton's Agitations”;

The American Spectator’s Response to the George Zimmerman Trial: Too Much Psychobabble, Too Much Moral Equivalence, and Too Little Race (Daniel J. Flynn)”;

“Trayvonistas Riot in Los Angeles!”

“Alan Dershowitz: Facts Stated in Angela Corey’s Affidavit, Charging George Zimmerman with Murder Two, All Support Zimmerman on Self-Defense; Affi ‘Doesn’t Even Make It to Probable Cause,’ and is ‘Irresponsible,’ ‘Unethical’”;

“Alan Dershowitz on George Zimmerman Prosecution: ‘It’s Not Only Immoral, but Stupid’ (Breitbart)”;

“Alan Dershowitz, Other Legal Experts: Special Persecutor Angela Corey Slandered George Zimmerman After His Acquittal”;

“Hate Crime in Jacksonville? Two White Brothers Shot to Death; Lawmen Refuse to Release Suspect/Vehicle Descriptions; Do Tracy Martin and Angela Corey Now Have Even More Blood on Their Hands?”;

“More Trayvon Rioting in Los Angeles: News Crew Assaulted – 9 Reporters Injured”;

“Oakland: Police Stood Down as Trayvonista ‘Protesters’ Terrorized Drivers”;

“Liberal Washington Post Columnist Richard Cohen Defends George Zimmerman's Racial Profiling of Trayvon Martin”;

“Trayvonista/Anti-Semite Stevie Wonder Shows His Colors, and Demands That Florida and Everywhere Else That Has a Stand Your Ground Law, Repeal It”;

“Racist Chicago Political Operative Gary Younge on George Zimmerman Acquittal: ‘Open Season on Black Boys’”;

“George Zimmerman, Prosecutorial Abuse, and the Sorry Politics of Race: William L. Anderson”;

“Thomas Sowell: After Zimmerman, is This Still America?”;

“Trayvon Martin Retaliation Attack… Against a Cop! Racist Black Preacher Demands White Officer with Over 20 Years of Service be Immediately Fired!”;

“A Reader Writes That George Zimmerman Trial Witness Selma Mora was a Fraud: She’s Fluent in English”;

“Racist Black Media Outlets Support ‘Trayvon’ Riots”;

“Houston: Trayvonistas Led by the Nation of Islam’s New Black Panther Party Division Stop Traffic, Assault Grandmother Taking Granddaughter to Hospital; Cops Stand Down, Media Covers for Thugs”;

“Jared Taylor Invites Criminal General Eric Holder to Have an Honest Discussion of Race in America”;

“Pat Buchanan on the George Zimmerman Acquittal: Black America's Real Problem isn't White Racism”;

“Justice for Trayvon, Race-Hustler Style (J. Christian Adams)”;

“Ted Nugent to Black Parents, Re Trayvon Martin: ‘Teach Your Children Not to Attack People’”;

“What Would It Mean to Take Blacks’ Statements Condemning George Zimmerman and Defending Trayvon Martin Literally? Remember Gary Larson’s Classic Far Side Cartoons?”;

“Baltimore: Following Trayvon Martin Rally, Racist Black Mob Leaves White Waiter with a Broken Jaw”;

“Ben Stein is Terribly Worried about Post-Trayvon Martin Black America; about White America, Not So Much”;

At National Review, Victor Davis Hanson Publishes Derbyshire-Lite, re Trayvon Martin”;

“What if Trayvon Martin Had been White?”

TRENDING at The Daily Caller: The Wonderful American Media: A Reader Writes;

“Did Shellie Zimmerman Lie About George Zimmerman Pointing a Gun at Her? Or Did the MSM Lie about What She'd Said?”

“The Trayvon Martin Story Sweeps Oscars”;

“George Zimmerman Arrested Again, and Charged with Aggravated Assault, Battery, and Criminal Mischief”;

“George Zimmerman Released on $9,000 Bail; Must Wear Satellite Monitor; January 7th Hearing Set; Wife Shellie Had Him Served with Divorce Papers While in Jail”;

“Michael Dunn (George Zimmerman II) Trial: Why Dunn Should be Acquitted”;

“George Zimmerman II Trial of Michael Dunn: HLN Intent on Not Letting This White Guy Get Away”;

“HLN Experts vs. George Zimmerman II, Michael Dunn: Heads We Win, Tails You Lose”

“Black Supremacist Actor and Cop-Batterer Jamie Foxx Commemorates Death of Aspiring Murderer Trayvon Martin, by Calling on Blacks to Only Harm Non-Blacks, the Way Martin Did to George Zimmerman (Video)”;

“George Zimmerman: I’m Homeless, Suffer from PTSD, and in Fear for My Life”;

“Milwaukee’s ‘Trayvon Martin’ Case: Wounded, White Hate Crime Victim Jeremy Rossetto Can’t Go Home, Because Racist Blacks Keep Threatening to Murder Him, Because He Refused to Let His Racist Black Attackers Murder Him”;

“The One Person in America Who Doesn’t Care What Color George Zimmerman is and Trayvon Martin was Has been Located!”;

“PC ‘Journalist’ is Outraged that George Zimmerman Found a Way to Legally Make Money!”;

“The New George Zimmerman/Theodore Wafer? In Lakeland, Florida, Virgis Canteen, 43, Gets Shot to Pieces for Second Time in Four Years; Raceless, 14-Year-Old Son-of-Obama, Career Felon and Gang Member, Davion Smith, Knocked on Canteen's Door and Shot Him ‘Numerous Times’ in Upper Body; Canteen Had been Shot to Pieces in 2010 by a Home Invader, but Won This Gunfight, Killing Smith; Orlando Sentinel ‘Reporter’ Supports Trayvon, er, Davion, and Seeks to Help Murder Canteen”;

USA Today Has Made George Zimmerman White Again, in Honor of Mike Brown!”;

“Holder, Obama Still Seeking to Railroad George Zimmerman for Defending Himself Against Aspiring Murderer Trayvon Martin; DOJ is Banking on Zimmerman's Ex-Friend, Frank Taaffe, Stabbing Him in the Back”;

“White Hot New York Daily News: Officer Darren Wilson=‘Officer George Zimmerman’; We Hate Normal White Man Cops, and Demand that the Feds Railroad Officer Wilson!”; and

“Nancy Grace Goes from Supporting the Duke Rape Hoax, to the Trayvon Martin Hoax, to the Mike Brown Hoax; She Seeks to Railroad White Victim-Cop Darren Wilson.”

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Anonymous said...

This case certified me in racial realism. Blacks are the untouchables that can rob, rape and murder, but one dare not confront nor expose their insane violent behavior. When a non black stands up to them they all rally together. I feel terrible how Zimmerman had to have his life destroyed over this case.