Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Martin Short: My Dinner with Nick Nolte (Video)

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Anonymous said...

I have never thought,
that Martin Short
was funny.

Anonymous said...

This is a local case I've been watching in the news. At first I assumed the guy must be guilty, an impression the media always gives in child sex abuse cases. He was finally vindicated and all charges dropped. Kind of reminds me of the McMartin and Little Rascals cases some years back and all the hysteria that railroaded many innocent people into jail. If you read the comments re this story there are many people who still think the guy is guilty, they subscribe to: Accused is equivalent to guilt in child sex abuse cases". I try to read between the lines, which is kind of difficult through the surface info you get from the media but the DA and prosecution comments seem quite contrite, I didn't sense any underlying accusatory tone from them in any media reports, no proof of anything of course but I do believe this was a false accusation. This is an example of the destruction false accusations can do to a person's life. Another manifestation of the feminist rape hysteria and how it can influence children at very young ages. Jerry PDX