Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My New Twit Friend

By Nicholas Stix

A triple-certified liar, racist, and sexist named Robin Johnson just twitted me out of the blue, to order me to shut up. Never heard of him before, because he usually terrorizes people in the antiversity. Well, shutting me up is simple, but not so easy. All you have to do is kill me.

But why would a mope like Robin Johnson seek me out? Is it because he’s interested in Hobart Engineering? Daimler-Benz? Philosophy? Religion? Crime and corruption? Politics? Aesthetics? Movies? TV? Race? Sports? Journalism? Foundations of social BS? Education? IQ? Nope. He has no intellectual interests. His chosen field of lies is producing racist-sexist boilerplate on video games and masculinity.

Oh. I think I’ve got it. I just blasphemed his God a few clicks back! And that of course is punished by beheading. #Obama #hate #highereducation #gamergate


Anonymous said...

Probably not interested in Maunder Minimum either.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how intolerant, disingenuous and vindictive the left are. Keep on keeping on Nick. You have the most honest and interesting site out there.

Anonymous said...

Given the way the left behaves Nicholas must be right.

Just look who is against him and see what they are like.