Monday, February 16, 2015

In Hartland, MI, Two Masked White Men Commit Home Invasion, Beat Young White Woman’s Stepfather and Boyfriend in the Head with Steel Baton; Some Home Security Tips

By Nicholas Stix

Home invasions are really popular these days, usually with blacks. These folks were really fortunate that they were attacked by whites. Had the perps been black, they might not have lived to tell, and blacks really love to gang-rape and torture whites, men and women alike, before slaughtering them.

Notice that the story says that the invaders were white, even though they were masked. You can usually racially identify someone without seeing his face, based on his voice, diction, speech patterns and vernacular. Those news articles which state that the perps were masked and refuse to racially identify them are not following police reports, but censoring them.

If you look at the video, the report says that the bad guys entered through the kitchen, but show a damaged sliding door, more suggestive of a living room. The best way to keep bad guys from entering a sliding door isn’t an expensive lock, but a piece of wood that fits in the track on the floor parallel to the stable door, which the sliding door runs in, when opened. Ideally, you’ll want a club 2-3 inches shorter than the gutter, so that you can leave it ajar when it’s hot, or to let fresh air in, but without enabling any bad guys to open the door. And if they try it, the wood will function as a burglar alarm.

Sliding, ground-floor glass doors are becoming increasingly problematic, and may in 10-20 years be unsecurable. The John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama” is importing the sort of cut-throats who would think nothing of simply throwing something heavy through a glass sliding door, and just stepping through and into your living room.

I already heard of a Haitian drug gang smashing in the glass on a ground-floor sliding door in Florida 10 or more years ago, to exact revenge on a partner who’d cheated them. They kidnapped the man’s sister, and smuggled her into a motel, where they gang-raped and murdered her.

There are also modern door bars to make it much more difficult for perps to kick your solid doors in, something that is happening with increasing frequency.

Window locks are a must, of course, with storm windows that don’t guarantee security, but slow down the bad guys, and cause work and noise to a home invader.

And of course, if a stranger knocks on your door, claiming to be from anywhere, you make him show ID, through a chain or the peep hole. If someone seeks help, you call 911—if, that is, the police are still picking up the phone. But don’t open that door!

As a different Michigan story reminds us, if the black on your front porch ostensibly seeking help acts crazy, and you defend yourself, you’re going to prison for what is, for all intents and purposes, a death sentence.

You’ll also want to have various weapons, including of course firearms, discreetly scattered around the house. Baseball bats are good, but fighting sticks that you use for short thrusts, rather than home-run swings are better. Better to wound the bad guy first, before going for the kill. Little fire extinguishers also make for excellent weapons. You spray an invader in the face, which gives you the chance to bash his brains in with the extinguisher.

You have to have the mentality, as if you’re living on the Texas prairie in 1850 (or South Africa today), because the “Comanche” are everywhere, looking to rape, murder, and scalp you and yours. To paraphrase the late Jeff Cooper, situational awareness, decisiveness, and ruthlessness are more important than fancy technology.

“Hartland couple attacked, tied up in home invasion, suspects get away.” (WXYZ)


Anonymous said...

The teens that do burglary in colder parts of the nation walk around with snow shovels that are used as burglars tools. Fit the blade of the snow shovel into the outside of the sliding door track and lift the whole sliding door out in one motion using that shovel as a lever.

Anonymous said...

Rolling shutters are expensive but are very good at keeping the burglar out. Protect the sliding glass doors and are also good for insulation. A lot of heat loss through those doors.

Anonymous said...

Nicholas is correct. Blacks when they do the home invasion like to stay a while. Do the invasion, rape, torture, robbery, murder.

NOT ONLY do it but LIKE to do it.

Maybe Morris Dees can look into this.

Chicago guy said...

If they were masked how did they know they weren't Hispanic or some other exotic type? Living on the ground floor can be hard to secure. One guy I knew put in a steel door for better security. I pointed out to him that the doorframe it was in was just ordinary wood that could easily be broken with a crowbar, negating the door itself. People should be wary of those purporting to be selling things. Also, elderly people are targeted by Gypsies wearing uniforms pulling up in official looking vans claiming to be from the water department. A lot of people have been cleaned out by those crooks.