Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hate Crime in Imperial Beach, California: Hispanic Barber Daniel Flores Slits Throat of White U.S. Navy Medic Daniel Vaughn, Who’d Asked for a Straight Razor Shave, Flores is Charged with Attempted Murder, Vaughn Will Never Get Justice

By RC and Nicholas Stix

It's a hate crime.

N.S.: I wrote, “Vaughn Will Never Get Justice” in my headline, because the Deputy DA said “Maximum exposure is 13 years.” If Flores is even convicted, he will probably be sentenced to less than the max, and do a fraction of what he is sentenced to. What will that end up as, three or four years inside? Less?

And if, as is likely, he cops to a plea bargain, he might do no more than two years inside.

Barber charged with attempted murder in throat slashing of Navy medic getting straight razor shave
Motive unknown; victim critically injured

Sheriff's Department Sgt. Leonel Gurrola said Flores slashed several times at Vaughn's throat and then walked out, leaving Vaughn badly bleeding.

At 10News.

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jeigheff said...

This is stating the obvious, but I would guess that Flores hates white Americans and couldn't pass up an opportunity to kill one.

I'm a little irked that no motive was given in this news article. But the crime was reported and a photo of the wannabe murderer WAS published, so that's something.