Saturday, February 28, 2015

Did Feminists Pull Off a Death Threat Hoax, in Defense of One of Their Own?

By Nicholas Stix

Last fall, a rent-seeking, feminist propagandist named Rose Evelath criticized a scientist named Matt Taylor, who’d worn a tacky shirt, to celebrate a scientific milestone: The European team he was on landed a space ship on a comet. However, feminists who hate science, and who suffer from IQ and penis envy, saw a perfect opportunity. Hey, sisters, it’s the high point in this guy’s life, so let’s go piss on his parade.

Taylor’s only mistake—and it was a big one—was in apologizing to the man-haters, who were the only ones who owed anyone any apologies.

“Our community”? Which community might that be? The community of feminazis, which is so welcoming to men? “Welcome”?

By the way, here is the cute, buxom reporter Evelath cut out of the picture. Isn't she the sexist?


As one man responded to Rose Evelath on Twitter,

Of course, for a hypocrite like Evelath, obligation is always a one-way street.

Someone sent me a twit from Evelath a day or two ago. She was praising some feminist guy for coming up with an app that chops men out of the English language.

So, I look into this Rose Evelath. She’s an intellectual incompetent who has devoted her life to rent-seeking, and engaging in special pleading for other incompetent, rent-seeking females, so they too can get jobs they have no business getting, and leverage said jobs into extortionist lawsuits, and more rent-seeking for their comradettes.

In return, said comradettes circle the wagons ‘round Evelath, to protect her from criticism, which they redefine as “sexual harassment” (by which logic, everything she writes is sexual harassment), and “death threats.”

Feminist propagandist Ann Merlan of Jezebel, who claimed Evelath received “death threats,” posted the purported tweets, but … there’s no there, there.

@bucksci @roseveleth LOL so wearing a shirt with good looking women = women abuse? You're an absolute MORON.
Jump off a cliff. Please.

— Coach Sahil M. (@hardcore_ts) November 13, 2014

(This poster’s page is gone. Apparently, Evelath, Merlan, or some other Feminazi got him silenced. That’s the feminist notion of “dialogue.” Evelath also spews for The Atlantic, which also silences and whitelists critics.)

Those were by far the strongest responses.

At Jezebel, I sought to post the following response,

So, where are the death threats. You forgot to post them?

With feminists, hoaxes are the norm. Whenever they complain about some “injustice” or “outrage,” a reasonable person must assume they are lying, until proven otherwise.

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Anonymous said...

Feminists, or women in general, love to heap praise on "feminist" men, you know, nebbish guys that march with them on protest marches and parrot feminist slogans. I wonder, assuming this Ms. Eveleth is not a lesbian, probably a good bet in this case, but if she is straight she has zero interest in having sex with the "male feminist" who omitted the word "men".
Yes, Ms. Eveleth, pat the good feminist boy on the head but (unless you're pretty hideous) you want to have sex with the bad boys. Jerry PDX