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Apollo 13: Complete Soundtrack (a James Horner Masterpiece!)

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Apollo 13 is significant for two reasons: It’s a movie masterpiece, and it’s true. A space rocket making a moon shot failed, and NASA faced a crippled ship, and three gallant men who, the odds said, were damned to die in space. And yet a roomful of brilliant white guys, and the three brilliant, courageous astronauts, found a way to rescue the ship and themselves.

If my son’s eighth grade textbook, United States History, is any indication, in another 10 or 20 years, history books will transform the big control room at NASA for Apollo 13 into a racial fairy tale, dominated by blacks and Hispanics.

Every once in a blue moon, Ron Howard hits a grand slam. This was one of those times. He benefited immeasurably from signing Tom Hanks, who had just made Forrest Gump, to star as Jim Lovell. During the 90’s, Hanks was on one of the great rolls of modern movie history.

The picture was up for nine Oscars, but won only for best editing and sound. Howard was cheated out of a best director nomination. This was James Horner’s second best score, if you ask me, after Field of Dreams, but lost because he was up against the dastardly composer of Braveheart, one … James Horner. Thus, Luis Bacalov won for the inferior score of The Postman.

Today, like the rest of the federal government, NASA is an affirmative action money pit, tasked by the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama” not to engage in space exploration, but to engage in outreach to our Moslem enemies. The agency has been so gutted that it no longer has people with the intelligence, skills, and experience to undertake a moon shot, much less rescue a crippled ship. Since 1969, we’ve gone backwards.

NASA Director: This could be the worst disaster NASA's ever faced.

Gene Kranz: With all due respect, sir, I believe this is gonna be our finest hour.

Gene Kranz: Let's look at this thing from a... um, from a standpoint of status. What do we got on the spacecraft that's good?


Sy Liebergot: I'll get back to you, Gene.

Published on Aug 14, 2013

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Song Times:

(0:00) - (2:41) - Main Title
(2:41) - (5:21) - Groovin'
(5:21) - (19:58) - All Systems Go, Ready For Lift Off
(19:58) - (22:28) - Docking I.B.S.
(22:28) - (25:40) - Master Alarm
(22:40) - (28:52) - Night Train
(28:52) - (31:43) - Blue Moon
(31:43) - (37:07) - Darkside Of The Moon
(37:07) - (39:55) - Lunar Dreams
(39:55) - (41:57) - Manual Burn
(41:57) - (51:12) - Re-entry & Splashdown
(51:12) - (58:20) - End Credits - A Successful Failure

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In ten to twenty years the space program will be presented, if at all, as way for whitey to take bread and butter out of the mouths of minority children.99