Thursday, October 03, 2013

Shooting in Washington, D.C.: Emotionally Disturbed Cops Shoot Up Street Between White House and Hart Office Building, Wounding One Unarmed Female “Suspect,” Who Had Committed No Crime; FBI Responds to “Shots Fired”; Cops Gather to Get Their Lies Straight

By Nicholas Stix

The cops panicked, then the “suspect” panicked.

The “suspect” was driving a black car, described as an Infiniti, with Connecticut plates. She drove up to a White House checkpoint, and had words with the Capitol Police officer there, at about 2:21 p.m. Initial reports were that she rammed a security barrier, but later reports were that she accidentally hit it, while backing up.

The checkpoint officer immediately called for a massive response. At least seven officers in squad cars quickly pulled over the woman with guns drawn (which was shown repeatedly on video), which is the opposite of a routine police stop.

The woman panicked, apparently thinking the cops were going to shoot her (wherever did she get that idea?!), and turned and drove off, and sped off with the cops on foot firing away, and many more in pursuit. She ran red lights on Constitution Avenue, but one report was that she was honking her horn, to warn drivers and pedestrians to get out of her way.

(CNN reporter at Atlanta Central (4:56 p.m.): “There’s no sense of what the motive was.” Motive for what? They haven’t cited any crime she committed.)

The female CNN HQ voice (Laurie?) keeps saying “she escalated the situation.” They didn’t know “what her intent was,” or what she was doing. (To get away!)

At some point, after she'd fled the cops with guns drawn, the woman reportedly backed into a police car, wounding the officer inside.

The cops eventually shot up the woman’s car, wounding her multiple times, and the car came to a stop. The woman was removed, placed on a gurney with a "chest compression machine." A black girl about three years old was also removed from the car unharmed. Rumor has it that another adult was in the car.

Another CNN female says "she was not listening to them, and they were trying to neutralize the situation, to gain control of the situation. "They were responding to a worst-case scenario." [Why?]

If I am sounding anti-(D.C.)cop here, it is because for many years, cops around the country have been forbidden from using this sort of force in much more dangerous situations. Black men were constantly backing into or driving their cars into police officers (in New Jersey and in New York City, in the Sean Bell Case), but when police used traditional SOP, and shot the drivers, just as the cops did today in D.C., they were decried as racists by the same media that are now celebrating cops in D.C., and sued and even criminally prosecuted.

A speaker on CNN asserted that the Capitol Police are highly trained for handling such situations. What kind of training might that be? Training in panicking?

Note that the FBI responded to a report of “shots fired,” as if a criminal had fired a weapon.

It looks to me like the checkpoint officer overreacted, in what he called in, and the responding officers all overreacted.

Now, NYC cops are under orders not to chase black and Hispanic thugs who terrorize non-black and Hispanic drivers, and federal immigration officers have been under such orders for many years, and yet now the MSM are celebrating this extreme use of force. Apparently, “Obama’s” personal police force works under completely different rules of engagement than every other police agency in the country.

So, depending on where someone finds himself, he has no idea what to expect of law enforcement, and how he is to conduct himself.

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