Tuesday, October 08, 2013

WPIX News: Six NYPD Cops were in Racist Biker Gang That Brutally Attacked Driver Alexian Lien, and Terrorized His Family

By Nicholas Stix

I couldn’t find the story at the station’s Web site, but here’s its significance.

The cops who were present at the attack have reportedly claimed that they either didn’t know about the attack, or did, but didn’t want to intervene because they were afraid of blowing their cover, and the other bikers would discover they were cops. They’re lying. The truth is the opposite: Their fear wasn’t that the other criminal bikers would learn that they were cops, but that the other cops would learn that they were criminal bikers. That’s why they waited days before informing their superiors that they had been present—after they’d learned that their brass already knew.

Maybe nowadays, under diversity, associating with criminals will get a New York City cop a commendation and a promotion, but in the pre-diversity Dark Ages, it was a ticket back to civilian life.

A cop was not permitted to associate with criminals, except when “the job” required it, say, to arrest them or do undercover work. Part of a background check was to determine if one had such associations. If so, one didn’t get hired.

Every cop that rode with that gang should be fired and prosecuted.

As for whether the off-duty cops, none of whom was doing undercover work in the gang, participated in the beating of Lien, that doesn’t matter all that much, since the gang lurched from one crime to another.


Chicago guy said...

When it comes to blacks and the part-blacks who affiliate with them, whether their surnames are of English, Spanish or other origin, there is never any clear line of demarcation between the ones who appear to be legitimate and the criminal underclass. Black cops often have a brother, son or other relative who is a gang member; they keep it a secret so that even people who are acquainted with them never know it. The females sometimes have criminal boyfriends. There's even stories about actual gang members becoming cops themselves. If it weren't for this incident no one would have found this out about this particular bunch. It usually comes out just by accident. Just the tip of the iceberg?

Anonymous said...

These cops were not merely associating with criminals but were part of a criminal conspiracy to slow down or stop traffic on the freeway so that the other bikers could do stuntz [stuntz]. The NYC cops knew of this "gathering" and were prepared and trying to stop the bikers but the bikers are too elusive and mobile. Pre-meditated criminal action on the part of the bikers of which the cops were part.