Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Political Murder or Suicide? Feds Whitemail Ohio Community Beavercreek into Signing Its Own Death Warrant, by Forcing It to Accept Bus Stops, So that Out-of-Town Blacks Can Infiltrate and Destroy Its Mall and General Quality of Life

By Nicholas Stix

This is yet another way that “Obama” goes out of his way to destroy healthy, safe, white-dominated communities. He has sworn to eliminate every last one.

Beavercreek is only working class, and has seen its average income take a beating since at least 2000, but it’s hideously white (88.5 percent; 2.5 percent black; and 9 percent “other”), and that’s all the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama” needed to know.

Over at the Marxist blog, Thinkprogress, the comrades are all having racegasms, as the following characteristic comments attest:

Polly Thomason • Chandler High School, Auburn, KY
Here it is 2013 and we thought people had changed. A Ky senator said we didn't need the Civil Rights Act anymore, because people would do the right thing. I guess this goes to show you, some people have to be made do the right thing! A good column in our local paper today entitled "Tea partiers react with fury to a world they can't control". The white people are becoming a minority and a lot of them don't like it and will do anything they can to keep their little corner of the world as white as possible.

Michelle Timothy • Atlanta, Georgia
federal highway funds = Government entitlements for states. So they decided not be racist any longer to keep their welfare funds?

Carol Clinch
Racism was given a shock treatment and brought back to life when the people elected Obama President not once but twice. The GOP has not been subtle in their total hate of our President, and that hate stems from the fact he is black. I see more racism showing up, as if, because of the GOP's blatant position it is all right to show it also. Just adding more hate when we need calm and love.

Ellie Hampton • Upton High School
What a sneaky way to discriminate without being "obvious." Glad they got called on it. Should have happened waaaaay sooner, however.

Chück Smîth
Just as long as they're out of town by sundown...

Ken Shade
This is the way it is in 1913. Og gee golly whiskers, this is 2013. Shame on those Black folk for forcing those nice White folk to let them ride into and through their Lilly White community. How can the reasonably expect to keep it White with Black folk coming over to shop in their White shooping centers? Oh so you telling me the times of White Only and Colored Only has passed? Well hush ma mouth.

I grew up in that era and I'm appalled that there are still pockets of people that are so resentful, hateful and prejudice of other races that they refused to allow them to even ride a bus in "THEIR COMMUNITY".

I posted the following retort:

This is a story about racism, alright. And in a few years, after racist, violent blacks have destroyed the mall, just like they do in white communities all over the country, and it has been shut down, and the town has become a crime-ridden hellhole, you’ll all condemn the racist blacks, right? Of course, not. You’ll celebrate, exulting that the “racist” whites had it coming.

You’ll destroy the country, but you’ll stick it to those non-racial socialist whites, by Jiminy! And when your time comes, and racist black thugs are about to murder you, will your last words be, “It’s all the damned Republicans’ fault!”?

Mostly-White Ohio Suburb Gives in, Allows Mostly-Black Bus-Riders into Community

By Scott Keyes
Twitter feed
October 15, 2013 at 11:25 a.m.

After being threatened with the loss of millions of dollars in federal highway funds, politicians in a mostly-white Ohio community are backing down in their quest to keep out mostly-minority bus-riders from a nearby city.

For years, the Beavercreek (OH) City Council has fought the construction of Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority bus stops. If built, the stops would give bus commuters, nearly three-quarters of whom are minorities, access to a shopping mall and other nearby attractions in Beavercreek, a largely-white suburb.

However, that decision came under scrutiny after a local [N.S.: False!] group, Leaders for Equality in Action in Dayton [Diversitopia Dayton is most certainly not Beavercreek], filed a discrimination claim in August 2011. The Federal Highway Administration agreed with the group, finding that Beavercreek’s actions violated the 1964 Civil Rights Act by harming minorities who relied on the bus to get to work, medical treatment [?], school [?], or commerce. If the city didn’t reverse itself and allow the construction, the FHA ruled, it could lose more than $10 million in federal highway funds.

Though the city council had put off a final decision for months, they finally backed down this week. On Monday, they voted 5-2 to allow bus stop construction to proceed, though not without gripes from some councilmembers. According to the Dayton Daily News, councilwoman Melissa Litteral (R) “said the potential loss of federal funding would be ‘catastrophic,’” and only voted in favor because “Our backs are to the wall.”

Despite suggestions by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and others that systemic racism is a thing of the past, the Beavercreek episode is another demonstration not only of the existence of discrimination at a local level, but also the need for federal intervention to combat it.


Anonymous said...

"I'm appalled that there are still pockets of people that are so resentful, hateful and prejudice of other races that they refused to allow them to even ride a bus in 'THEIR COMMUNITY'."

I a whitey used to ride the Chicago Rock Island RR mainline every day during the early 1970's and during hours of darkness when passing the Robert Taylor Homes projects from 35th st. to 63rd st. we would receive gunfire almost all the time. Random shots, those gunmen probably high on drugs and booze knowing that train carrying whitey going home. YES, some racism does exist and has for a LONG time.

Kitschy Coup said...

This is Polly Thomason, Chandler High School, Auburn, KY. Why am I not surprised?!/polly.thomason.3?fref=browse_search