Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bassmaster Scheduled Its Central Open Fishing Contest in Black Supremacist Jackson, Mississippi; Black War Criminal Slaughtered White Professional Angler James “Jimmy” Johnson in a Racist Murder Gone Horribly Wrong

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Thanks to reader-researcher “W,” who wrote,
A Motel 6 in just about any place is potentially very dangerous. Must not be a lot of money in professional bass fishing, unless you have your own cable TV show….He is yet another casualty in the Nameless War.
The most disturbing reader comment was by Alecia Leonard, who claimed to be Jimmy Johnson’s first cousin, and who felt the need to defend him as not having been “racists.”

What is the matter with white people?! Johnson could have shouted at his killer, “You no-good, thieving, swamp nigger!,” and he still would not be in any need of defending.

Professional bass fisherman killed at Jackson Motel 6
By Jacob Threadgill
Oct. 14, 2013

Security camera footage shows the [black] suspect wearing a red shirt. / Jackson Police Department [The man in the accompanying photograph was racially ambiguous.]

The 56-year-old man fatally shot at a Jackson motel Sunday has been identified as bass angler James "Jimmy" Johnson, according to a statement from Bassmaster.

Johnson was in Jackson to compete at the Bassmaster Central Open on Ross Barnett Reservoir scheduled to begin Oct. 17.

Johnson was staying with his wife at a Motel 6 on Frontage Road near Interstate 55. Jackson Police Department spokesperson Colendula Green said the department received the call of the shooting at 7:48 p.m. Sunday.

Jackson police are looking for a black male suspect that appeared on security camera footage. [Well, at least they identified him! All is not lost.]

Chris Bowes, senior tournament manager for the Bassmaster Opens, said in a release that a friend of Johnson discovered someone burglarizing his boat. The shooting took place shortly thereafter. His wife was not injured.

When contacted Monday afternoon, Green said the investigation was still on-going.

"There was some sort of violent altercation near his hotel room door," Bowes told The Clarion-Ledger
Johnson, of Ganado, Texas, was 11th in Central Open standings after two events. The top five anglers from each of three open divisions qualify for the elite series. Johnson was in the top five percent of the nearly 200 fisherman who have competed in the central division this year, according to Bowes.

Johnson entered the final open event of the season with a chance to qualify for the highest division in 2014.

“Jimmy was a terrific angler, as he has shown through the Bassmaster Opens,” Bowes said. “More than that, he was a tremendous guy. He will be deeply missed.”

BASS CEO Bruce Akin released a statement regarding Johnson's death:

“We were shocked and saddened to learn late Sunday night that Jimmy Johnson was killed while staying in a motel near the lake. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends as the bass fishing community rallies around them.”

Official practice for the open event began Monday morning, but Bowes said it was common for anglers to arrive early over the weekend to take advantage of no limits on the amount of fish that can be caught.

Bowes said was not sure when Johnson and his wife arrived in Jackson.

The Central Open is the first Bassmaster event at Ross Barnett Reservoir in over a decade [and the last], according to Bowes.
He said they planned to honor Johnson at the registration event Wednesday evening.

"The event will go on and we know that it was an isolated [random] incident," Bowes said. We don't want to lose focus and everyone there will have a heavy heart."


Anonymous said...

HaHa! I love your comment, "Johnson could have shouted at his killer, “You no-good, thieving, swamp nigger!,” and he still would not be in any need of defending."

Of course it's NOT true in 2013 Amerikwa. Oh no! For if anyone ever utters the n-word, c-word, m-word, j-word, p-word/m-word combo, s-word, or a-word, one is justifiably beaten, robbed, raped, or murdered by any n-word.

Also, while they don't demand violence in retribution, the following words do require immediate firing and ostracism: f-word, d-word, q-word, h-word, c-word/s-word combo, etc.

And here's what just cracks me up to no end - these are adults petulantly demanding, "don't use the n-word!" As if we are all four year olds asking our kindergarten teacher, "Mrs Jones, may I go to the bathroom? I need to go p-word."

If we ever needed more proof that the African adult is no more mentally fit than young white children, here it is. The mere utterance of BAD WORDS is enough to cause Afro meltdown. The words are so bad we may only refer to them as small children might. And yet the consequences, violent crime, unemployment, etc, are very very real.

Stan D Mute

Anonymous said...

An altercation they call it. The victim stumbled on a burglary in progress and was killed by the villain. That is called an altercation?

Anonymous said...

Isn't this Jackson MS now the Republic of New Afrika with the mayor a devoted and self proclaimed American negro racist? The estate of the victim should sue the city for everything as a climate of hate has been established that makes whitey fair game.

Anonymous said...

My uncle the Chicago cop told me long time to beware these motels. The bad guys surmise rather correctly that persons with at least some cash and income are traveling through the area and have stopped to rest. Got to go where the money is. Beware the motel and keep you wits about you at all times.

Anonymous said...

NOT only bad words, whatever those are, but he glance, look, a stare, or a perceived look, glance or stare. Enough to get you killed and you aren't even sure why. NOT common but nowadays not so uncommon.

Anonymous said...

alA random isolated incident? HARDLY! I am getting tired of reading that black violence against whites is merely random.
NO it's not. the looting, robberies and attacks after Hurricane Sandy were not random. these were planned, premeditated.

any time I see Random in a news article I know it was a black male perpetrating some unspeakable violence.