Sunday, October 20, 2013

An Illinois Reader Makes Some Supplementary Suggestions for John Derbyshire’s “List”

By Nicholas Stix

Add this all to the Derbyshire list too:

My Own:

• If you are driving through an unknown large metropolitan area on the freeway and you have to gas your car, check out the gas station you stop at to see if you are in a negro neighborhood or if there are obvious throngs of negroes gathered nearby. In both cases, do not stop to gas your car, no matter how low the gas tank is;

• If you are driving through an unknown large metropolitan area on the freeway and you have a car breakdown, DON'T leave your car and go into the "community" to look for help. Wait until the cops come along, no matter how long it takes;

• Don't go to a rock concert with predominant or exclusively negro performers. You will be in a small minority and targeted. Just like the girl that got raped at the Rick James concert. A shoe, a bottle, or a dirty sharp fingernail; and

• Keep your wits about you at all times and be as a prey animal on the Serengeti would be, constantly twisting and turning your head around to look in all directions to detect attack or danger.


Anonymous said...

Gas up way before you get to the city. Then drive on through as if it's the autobahn.

Ever hear of Rand McNally?

Better than GPS because all the loop roads around "urban" areas are always portrayed in small windows on the main map page for each metro area. Simply take the long way, which is ALWAYS around the loop! And the gas stations you find on the loop will always be the ones with 24 to 26 pumps, which means plenty of others around. Plus many of these outlets will double as truck stops, which means activity 24 by 7.

Take the long road.

And save your life.

Chicago guy said...

It's all good advice and needs to be listened to. It's also very depressing. What kind of a country are we living in when we always have to be on the lookout? This isn't living, it's surviving. We've got a right to live normal lives free from undue worry, yet this right has been violated by some sectors of the population. Accepting the abnormal as normal just shows how far down this country has slid.

Anonymous said...

"Take the long road." - - "And save your life."

OH, absolutely.

I can recall reading about these interviews with long haul trans-continental truck drivers and train crews. Both said that the first five miles and the last five miles of any trip were very dangerous but that everything else in between was very safe. That first and last five miles more than likely the "inner city". Some would call it the "ghetto". Rocks and boulders thrown at you, getting shot at, names called, given the finger, someone trying to break into the vehicle or box cars, threats, etc. OH yes again.