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Chicago: “I’m Gonna Kill You, White Bitch!”; Racist Blacks, Including People being Aided, Routinely Commit Hate Crimes Against White Paramedics; Problem is National in Scope; Prosecutors and Judges Refuse to Punish Racist Attackers

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A tip ‘o the hate to American White History Month.

This reminds me of New Orleans during the black Katrina anarchy in 2005, when blacks routinely tried to murder white first-responders, in attacks that the New Orleans Times-Picayune later “unreported,” insisting they’d never happened.

This has also happened in cities with small black populations, such as Seattle (7.7 percent).

This is what happens when you cross battle lines, to aid enemy combatants. All you care about is helping people, regardless of the color of their skin, but all they care about is killing whites. This is the real meaning of “mismatch.”



I-Team finds paramedics targeted while saving lives
Thursday, October 03, 2013
By Chuck Goudie and Ross Weidner

October 2, 2013 (CHICAGO) (WLS) -- Chicago emergency personnel are being assaulted on the job and first responders say it's getting worse.

You could hardly blame paramedics if they felt some paranoia on every call. First responders tell the I-Team that at least once a day in the City of Chicago, paramedics trying to save lives, end up fighting to stay alive.

It's happening across the country and right here.

"It's so unpredictable," said Brandy Kasper, paramedic.

"Six people turned into 12, a mini mob kind of formed, and the physical violence started," said Larry Kaczmarek, paramedic.

"We had nothing. No warning," said Melanie Howe, paramedic.

Sirens blare, paramedics roll, help is on the way. The I-Team rode with Ambulance 49 in Englewood among Chicago paramedics trained to save lives, but always on the defensive in case they need to fight for their own.

"You have something that seems like a benign situation and then all of a sudden it escalates. We have nothing to protect ourselves," said

In late August, paramedic Brandy Kasper was treating someone she says appeared intoxicated -- who didn't want to go to the hospital-- and during a routine blood pressure check, she was blind-sided.

"As I leaned down, she cold cocked me, right in the face. She punched me right in the face and gave me a nice black eye to take home to my daughters. When she connected, I felt the thumbnail, it kind of came down across here, and I just-I kind of saw stars for a second," said Kasper.

One man was mad at paramedics in Oklahoma because their ambulance call had closed off the road, and similar incidents have happened to 52 percent of all EMS workers according to the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians.
Here in Chicago, paramedics tell the I-Team, it's much worse. They say citywide, there's at least one assault every day.

"He says I'm going to kill you white [expletive], over and over again," said Howe. Paramedic Melanie Howe says a patient and his family pinned her to the floor of her ambulance until firefighters had to rip the attackers off of her.

"If they had not stayed with me, I don't know what they would have done to me, I'm scared to think every day that I go to work is different since that day," said Howe.

While there is no paramedic self-defense training for Chicago paramedics, this private company has trained EMTs elsewhere.

"You don't really realize it's happening, but it does happen, way too frequently," said Jeff Larsen, CFD assistant deputy paramedic.

Chicago Fire Department officials say after incidents when paramedics are attacked, they push for felony charges.

"The law allows any assault on police or fire to be prosecuted as a felony charge, not just a misdemeanor battery or anything like that," said Larsen.

Cook County State's Attorney records show in the past two years, 60 paramedic assault cases have been charged as felonies, with the majority of them ending in a conviction or guilty plea.

"I've heard a judge say, 'It's an inherent risk in your job.' I don't believe that," said Kaczmarek.

After a hostile mob attacked paramedic Larry Kaczmarek, he says the bashing only resulted in community service for most of those charged. Kaczmarek wants stiffer penalties.

"Going out this door, going through a light and getting into a car accident that's a part of the job, going to somebody's house trying to take care of a loved one and getting assaulted, that's not part of my job," said Kaczmarek.

City fire officials say police and prosecutors determine the severity of charges after an attack. A spokesperson for the Cook County State's Attorney maintains that her office has never rejected felony charges in a paramedic attack when police have asked. On Wednesday night, officials of the Chicago Firefighters Union says when one of their members is beat up, they plan to pack the courtroom.

EMS self defense training:


Anonymous said...

Many decades ago now there was the case of Evelyn Upchurch. 400 pound black woman living in Robert Taylor Homes who was forced by gang members to walk up sixteen flights of stairs to reach her apartment. The gang members so damaged the elevator in the high rise it was inoperable. Evelyn had a heart attack and the paramedics were called. It took the two whitey paramedics TWO HOURS to move Evelyn down one flight of stairs all the while a mob hooting and hollering the whole time. Evelyn sadly succumbed!acandCO 39

Anonymous said...

Many of these responders have to deal with persons who not only need treatment for an injury but are also on drugs and drunk out of their minds to boot. A dangerous combo.

Anonymous said...

There's a little more to this story that should be said. There was a time when firefighters/paramedics had some genuine ethics and pride in what they did. Their job gives them access to business, homes and peoples personal spaces so a dishonest person has opportunities to steal. Affirmative action has brought an influx of blacks in their ranks, there has been a corresponding increase in the amount of theft practiced by firefighters, the sense of honour that used to exist has practically disappeared. I know about this because I have a relative who worked as a paramedic in New York for many years and has watched this change occur. People come back to their homes and businesses and discover that the very people who are supposed to help them have stolen from them, it's rife in low income (black) communities that the thieving element in the public safety dept. feel safest stealing from. There's actually some legitimate anger toward the fire dept. However, when I see news reports of these attacks, it's blacks targeting white emergency workers, even though it's mostly blacks stealing from blacks, of course they don't think things through (typical for blacks) and decide it's "whitey" doing it to them. Plus they are afraid black emergency workers will hit back and they can't use the "he called me nigger" defense, so yeah, despite some legitimate anger, it ends up still being a cowardly racist act. Jerry

Anonymous said...

Blacks are taking over the rest home, dental, hospital, and doctors' offices also. I can see the racist altitudes of the blacks in their scrubs, sometimes those scrubs look like they have been worn for more than a day or two. I won't recount the black racist experiences that I have encountered, but I am certained that I have encountered a number of these blacks while they are high on something, probably drugs they have stolen from where they work. Oh yeah. I know the drugs are highly controlled. Right.

I felt for the white paramedic that was suckered punched by that black felon in the video.

jeigheff said...

In addition to the self-defense training mentioned in the video, it sounds like paramedics and firefighters could use guns too.