Thursday, October 17, 2013

Charleston, WV: Five Racist Blacks Arrested for Obama Attack on Lone White: Only Charged with Robbery, Despite Brutal Beating and Use of Stun Gun; No Hate Crime Charges

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UPDATE: Victim's name released in Charleston, WV robbery case
Posted: Oct 14, 2013 2:05 P.M. EST; updated: Oct 15, 2013 11:56 A.M. EST


The Charleston Police Dept. has released the name of a man who was attacked and robbed in Charleston, WV on Oct. 13.

Gregory Moran, of Clendenin, was attacked and robbed by five people according to Charleston police.
Five people were arrested after a man was attacked and robbed in a Go-Mart parking lot in Charleston, WV on Oct. 13.

According to Sgt. Hazelett with the Charleston Police Dept., at about 7 p.m. the victim walked onto the parking lot of the Go-Mart on Bigley Avenue and was approached by two men.

According to police, the two men asked the victim if he wanted to buy marijuana. When he refused, one of the two men started to hit him. It is unclear which man started the attack. During the attack, the two men knocked the victim to ground and tore off his shirt and jacket.

While the victim was on the ground, two women and another man walked up. One of the women acted as lookout while the other two joined the attack. When the man managed to get to his feet, one of the women, identified as Lauren Watson, shocked the man with a stun gun.

Police say the suspects began to walk away but started to chase the man after he gathered his clothes and ran to a nearby Family Dollar store. According to police, the victim was attacked for a second time outside of the Family Dollar.

Witnesses on the scene gave police descriptions of the suspects and an apartment where they could be found.

At some point during the attack $40 was taken from the victim.

Police arrested Roland Brungard, 22, Stephon Thomas, 22, Chardene Cope, 21, Lauren Watson, 19 and Juan Chapman, 23 and charged all five with robbery.

Watson is facing an additional charge of possession with intent to deliver.


Anonymous said...

A beating of this nature can be categorized as more than robbery, the use of lethal force to include the stun gun is potentially fatal. Or serious and grave bodily harm. Five people engaging in criminal behavior of this sort is also mob action. Pursuit suggests even worse too.

Anonymous said...

WV too is generally considered to be the most whitey state in the union. And even there this sort of thing occurs. NO where is the whitey safe.

Anonymous said...

The beating, the stripping, the torture. They might as well crucify the guy. I bet they would like to.

jeigheff said...

I'd like to see the good people of West Virginia give these racist blacks a taste of their own medicine.

It's the medicine this country needs.

Anonymous said...

"Crucify the guy." Better not give them any ideas.

Anonymous said...

These are some of the niggers that Joe Manchin had airlifted up here after Katrina. Thanks buddy!