Sunday, October 27, 2013

Obama’s Plan = White Slavery

By Nicholas Stix

The John Doe who calls himself “Barack Obama” will pay illegal bonuses to Obamacare workers who racially discriminate against white patients and white healthcare providers, and will lock qualified whites out of medical schools, replacing them with laughably unqualified, even illiterate minorities.

See my VDARE colleague Patrick Cleburne’s story.


Anonymous said...

It's already happened. It will just get worse. I don't know where most people are that read this blog but if you haven't gotten a third worlder for a health provider of one kind or another you will. They are rude, stupid, arrogant, incompetent, and drug addled and they don't like Whites.

jeigheff said...

I have long suspected that whites, Christians, conservatives, and other "undesirables" would suffer discrimination, and even death, under nationalized health care in this country.

Anonymous said...

There is so much medicare/medicaid fraud at the hands of third world doctors. It is true that they tend to be arrogant and rude.