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Black Long Beach, CA, Teacher, Kellye Taylor, 53, Stabbed to Death in Park, in Front of Her Students, Allegedly by Steven Brown, 50, the Father of Her Daughter’s Children, Who was in a Custody Battle over the Kids; Murder Weapon Recovered

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Long Beach Teacher, 53, Fatally Stabbed in Front of Her Students
October 11, 2013 9:30 PM
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LONG BEACH ( — A 53-year-old teacher was fatally stabbed in front of her horrified students Friday afternoon.

Police in Long Beach responded to a call of a woman being stabbed in the area of Spaulding Street and Orizaba Avenue.

The victim was identified as 53-year-old Kellye Taylor, a mother of three and a teacher at the Huntington Academy School, a small, private elementary school.

Taylor taught Kindergarten through 6th grade.

She was declared dead at St. Mary Medical Center in Long Beach.

Taylor was at Orizaba Park with her students and several other teachers when the attack occurred.

Matthew Molina was skateboarding in the park and said he saw the suspect stab [sic] in the neck.

“He stabbed her and then he grabbed her camera and he took off,” said Molina, “She was on the ground, there was blood everywhere.”

CBS2′s Rachel Kim said police have a suspect in custody and described him as the father of the victim’s daughter’s children.

The suspect was identified as Steven Brown, 50. The attack occurred officials theorize over a custody battle involving the victim’s grandchildren.

“Several teachers saw what happened and were able to get the kids to safety. One teacher did assist the victim until the fire department arrived on scene,” said Long Beach Police Sgt. Aaron Eaton.

After the stabbing occurred several of the children ran back to the school and alerted Taylor’s sister, Phyllis Huffman, who also works at the school.

“The lady’s sister came and she was also freaking out,” said Molina. “I feel bad for the kids, that they had to see this.”

Police told Kim they recovered the murder weapon.

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