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Oregon: A Teachable Moment: Black Supremacist John Van Allen, 34, Deliberately Sped on Highway, with Three of His Children in Car, in Order to Ambush and Murder a Cop in Front of Them; When the Cop Killed Him, His Family Defended Him

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Black supremacists love to do terrible things to whites in front of the supremacists’ and/or the whites’ children. They consider the acts lessons for the kiddies. For the black kiddies, the lesson is what it means to be a strong black man; for the white kiddies, the lesson is that they and their parents are second or third-class citizens, and can be violated by blacks with impunity.

Van Allen apparently decided to give his 10-year-old daughter and13 and 15-year-old sons a lesson in how to handle “devils,” by luring a highway cop into a deadly ambush. Allen was even dressed in military camouflage fatigues, perhaps underscoring that he considered himself to be committing an act of war.

And so he was, even though his uniform was misleading, since he did not represent the U.S. Army.

The only reason Van Allen was able to wound Oregon State Trooper Matt Zistel, 26, was because white policemen are trained to use insufficient force and insufficient ruthlessness in dealing with black motorists. As the late Jeff Cooper emphasized, being sufficiently decisive and ruthless in the use of force is typically the difference between life and death in a violent encounter. An assailant will take advantage of any hesitation on your part, and blacks do this in confrontations every day with whites who have been indoctrinated to lower their guard, in dealing with blacks, when they actually should be in a state of heightened alert.

The point of training white policemen to use insufficient force and insufficient ruthlessness in dealing with violent black felons, is to get the white cops killed, and spare the black killers. It’s that simple.

Van Allen’s “family said it was out of his character for him to pull a gun on an officer.

“‘He would have never shot at a police official or anyone of the law,” his cousin, Will Wright III, said. ‘He would not have missed the kill shot either.’”

Wright is insinuating that Van Allen was racially profiled and murdered by Trooper Zistel. But Wright is lying, and he knows it. I suspect that Wright knew of Van Allen’s beliefs, and shares them.



Trooper's dashcam captures dramatic moment father taking his kids on a road trip shoots officer who returns fire and kills him

• John Van Allen, 34, was pulled over by trooper Matt Zistel for speeding in Oregon in August; he had three of his children in the car

• But instead of staying in his car, Van Allen pulled out a gun on the officer and shot at him several times, hitting him in the side

• Zistel returned fire, shooting Van Allen once in the chest

• His car was found half-a-mile away with his body inside

By Lydia Warren

PUBLISHED: 07:25 EST, 4 October 2013 | UPDATED: 07:45 EST, 4 October 2013 Daily Mail

A dashboard camera in a state trooper's car has captured the dramatic moment a father taking his children on a road trip pulled out a gun and shot an officer who then returned fire and killed him.

John Van Allen, 34, was driving with three of his children when he was pulled over on Interstate 84 east of Portland, Oregon by Trooper Matt Zistel, 26, for speeding.

But what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop soon escalated into violence when Van Allen emerged from the car and, despite Zistel urging him to get back inside, pulled out a gun.

[N.S.: There are no “routine traffic stops”!]

The dramatic footage was released to The Oregonian after a public information request from the paper following the August 29 death.

Pulled over: A trooper's car dashboard camera shows John Van Allen, 34, climbing out of his car after being pulled over for speeding in August. He keeps his hand behind his back as the trooper orders him inside

Dramatic: But he ignores the trooper and suddenly pulls out a gun and walks towards him, shooting

"Please sit back in the car for me, you were speeding," Zistel can be heard telling Van Allen. "Sir, get back in the car for me now. Sir, please get back in the car for me. You were speeding."

But Van Allen moves quickly towards Zistel before shooting at him several times. He then moves around the police car's hood, still firing.

After several seconds, he heads back to his car, a black Cadillac, and drives off as Zistel desperately calls for help.

"Shots fired, I've been hit in the side, I'm okay," Zistel says. "Suspect left."

Even though Van Allen was hit in the chest in the exchange of fire, he does not appear to be injured as he returns to his car.

Relentless: He walks to the other side of the car, still shooting at the officer who is returning fire

Retreat: Van Allen eventually skulks off after hitting the trooper, Matt Zistel, once in the side

Running away: Even though he appears uninjured, he actually sustained a gunshot wound to the chest and responding officers found his car half a mile away with his body inside Responding officers found Zistel suffering a non-life-threatening gunshot wound and came across Allen's car on the shoulder of the freeway half a mile away.

He was dead inside, with a gunshot wound to the chest. Three of his five children - a 10-year-old girl and two boys, aged 13 and 15 - were also at the scene but they were not hurt.

The three children were taken into the care of the Department of Human Services.

Zistel was treated for his wound and released. He has been on paid leave and will continue to be until he is well enough to return to work.

In a later investigation, Sherman County District Attorney Wade McLeod said that Zistel was justified in shooting Allen, The Oregonian reported.


jeigheff said...

Van Allen won't be sucker-punching, attacking, or shooting any more non-blacks.

It would be interesting to hear a truthful account of his life. It wouldn't be a surprise to learn that he had been involved in anti-white violence before his death.

I am glad that Officer Zistel survived his encounter with the wicked Van Allen.

Anonymous said...

Even in Oregon does this happen. Oregon is usually associated as a bastion of liberalism where blacks not worry about being "abused" by white cops.

This man intended to kill the cop from the moment he emerged from the car. NO confrontation, words exchanged, etc.

And with his kids in the car!!

Perhaps he was high on some stuff. An autopsy will tell.

Anonymous said...

One of the few times the good guy wins. Thank God for the White invention of video, video cams etc, if not for this video blacks and the left wing media would be calling for the execution of this police officer.

Always aim and fire at center of mass.

Blacks are totally contemptuous of White police officers. They know that White police officers will never shoot first. Have you ever watched the thin blue line dealing with black criminals on "cop shows"? Blacks jump out of stolen cars and run even when the police have their guns drawn and are ordering the perp to get on the ground. Black perps totally ignore the polcie officers' commands. I have seen on video cops waiting until the black perp fires first before the White policeman will shoot at the black perp. Talk about deadly restraint it's all on the policeman's part. Just one more thing the blacks and the left wing wants to destroy and that is the police and they have in many respects.

Anonymous said...

In some jurisdictions my understanding is that the officer can discharge his weapon in self defense only AFTER the adversary fires first.

The policeman will lose his job for a violation of policy, probably even if not charged with a crime.

Higher echelons of the police and political elected officials are so afraid of the shooting incident, the officer shoots the negro even if in self defense.

Anonymous said...

"He would have never shot at a police official or anyone of the law,” his cousin, Will Wright III, said. ‘He would not have missed the kill shot either.’”

Was that Mr. Van Allens evil doppeldanger on the video?
What does this Mr. Wright the III think happened then?
How profoundly stupid do you have to be to think that when there is a video showing Mr. Van Allen doing exactly what Mr. Wright say he wouldn't do? Namely shooting at a law enforcement officer and missing the kill shot.

AnalogMan said...

The three children were taken into the care of the Department of Human Services.

Wrong department.

Col. B. Bunny said...

I just came across this video at another site and was looking for more info on the late but unlamentable Mr. Van Allen. Another analysis focused on the fact that Van Allen parked close to the line instead of way off the road possibly to give him a better shot at the cop on the side of the latter's vehicle. Also, to enable him possibly to use his trunk as cover from the officer's fire.

More to the point, the man was long since discharged from the Army Reserve and there was no reason for him to be in uniform OR to be WEARING A SKI MASK. The uniform was meant to allay suspicions of the officer and the mask was out of place while driving on a warm, sunny day.

Van Allen leaped out of his car knowing he had been speeding, for which there was no logical innocent reason. The other analyst I mentioned, a cop, made note of Van Allen's distracting questions, which were disingenuous. They were meant to be distracting.

He also had his hand on his weapon behind his back from the first instant. This is a man executing a previously, well thought out plan. None of his actions are consistent with a driver honestly mystified as to why a cop had pulled him over.

I think you're right that he intended his crime to be a "how to" for the kids in the car.

Mr. Wright obviously knew something about the deceased. He was very adamant about how he wouldn't have missed the kill shot. Clearly he and Van Allen had had many talks about firearms.