Tuesday, October 15, 2013

“Bla Bla Bla; If You Care about Racism, You are White; Nobody Else Does; They Embrace It; There is No Common Ground; Africans Value Rape More than Education”: Readers Talk about Blacks’ Goal of Enslaving Whites

By Nicholas Stix

Reader responses to:

“For Over 60 Years, the Civil Rights Movement’s Goal Has been to Enslave Whites.”

Artist said...
Wow! Excellent essay.

Artist said...
Here in Delaware there is a local activist, a retired white NYC cop who is a talk radio regular, who espouses proportionality in arrest and imprisonment. Then, only then, he says, will we solve crime!

Specifically drug crime. He wants massive sweeps through white areas to arrest all the white addicts and dealers. Never does he mention the disparity of VIOLENT drug crime. He never mentions that these criminal whites are NOT SHOOTING UP the county behind their pot habit.

Anonymous said...
I never liked the phrase 'reverse discrimination". To me, affirmative action IS discrimination against whites. By giving blacks an unfair advantage in gaining employment by requiring quotas is discrimination against whites.

I had a friend who was up for a big promotion in the office where he worked. A black man was up for the same promotion. My friend was extremely qualified for the job and had worked there for 12 years. the black guy was working there for 3 years and had had a lot of disciplinary problems including being caught smoking weed behind the building during his break and also for sexual harassment and last but not least, for theft. Guess who got the promotion? That's right. The black guy was promoted. My friend quit the next day. He says likely the black guy was promoted because there were very few blacks in high management positions. Personally, I don't even see how the black guy wasn't fired for his myriad offenses and criminal behavior while employed there.

I guess my point is, my friend was discriminated against because he was white. Plain and simple. However, for some reason, people prefer to call it “reverse discrimination” to make it seem more acceptable.

Is it only considered discrimination when something is done against blacks? Is it impossible to be discriminated against if someone is white? “Reverse discrimination” is just another way the rights of white citizens get ignored in order to favor a minority.

We see this everywhere. Not only are unqualified or under-qualified blacks being promoted or given jobs, but we also see the same thing happening with women. In jobs traditionally done by men, such as police officers or firemen or even now, the military, we see unqualified women having the test standards being lowered for them. I have no problem with a woman being a cop if she passes all the same tests as a man must pass and if she is physically and emotionally strong enough to handle the job. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Hiring women who are unqualified just to be politically correct is extremely dangerous to the public, but I guess that's ok just as long as the women get to feel “tough” like the men they are displacing.

America is dying a slow death due to political correctness. It used to be a great country full of ideas and ideals, but it has now deteriorated to a nation of pure politics.


N.S.: I agree regarding “reverse discrimination,” which is why I never use that phrase.

Anonymous said...
bla bla bla

this essay was horrid and it is an exemplar of precisely what is wrong with non-NAMs.

You haven't figured it out yet: logic and facts and reason are not what this is about. It's about conquest; tribal stuff.

Just replace the word "white" with "racist" EVERY TIME you use it and you will begin to understand what I mean. There is no arguing with this. You will not beat it with reason. All of your idiotic assumptions about universal truth and the Greco-Roman system of logic and point/counterpoint are irrelevant.

Surely, Stix must understand this, so why give voice to people who are again going to bloviate about how important bigotry is and how awful it must be that there are still bigots. Why cannot these people understand that this "universal truth" of hatred of tribe-centrism is NEITHER universal NOR true?

If you care about racism, you are white. Nobody else does. They embrace it. And while they have ethnic conflicts where they march out and slaughter people from rival tribes en masse, you think that you can appeal to their sense of christian ethics or something? There is no common ground. Values systems are not universal anymore than time-orientation is. The fundamental, qualitative difference between species of man exists and this truth does not require that we consent to it or like it.

Women are more likely to be raped in africa than graduate high school. As core values are expressed via action, this indicates on its face that the population there values rape more than education. It PREFERS one to the other as evinced by what it DOES.

Racist-americans have utterly lost sight of what was patently obvious to their forefathers and which used to be stated matter-of-factly. We have invented an entire mental edifice as a contrivance to try to find some way that the truth can't be true. Maybe it's a moral failing or maybe it is stupidity; either way it is suicidal.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2013 AT 11:24:00 AM EST

To the last poster,

You may well be better than I am at violence; I’ve never been very good at it, even though I have an awful lot of experience at it. My talent lies in what you call “bloviating.”

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