Thursday, October 17, 2013

Michael Eric Dyson Responds: “I am in NO Way Advocating the Death of White Children”

By Nicholas Stix

Re: “Tenured Black Supremacist Michael Eric Dyson: Blacks Must Murder Many More White Children, Before Whites Can Understand Racism!”

[N.S.: The following statement purports to be from Michael Eric Dyson. However, the statement to which Dyson is responding (July 18, 2013, at 11:55 AM) is not from the same post. I have no idea where the original comment is from, possibly youtube. I can’t guarantee that the statement came from Michael Eric Dyson, but it sounds like him, including the disingenuous denial of his earlier statement’s consequences.]

Michael Eric Dyson

Sir, that's NOT what I said at all. I am in NO way advocating the death oh white children. I'm saying that because white children have not been arbitrarily profiled and murdered by police and others, white Americans have no idea how infuriating, unjust and evil it is to witness your children be subject to racial profiling and murder. I am a nonviolent person who advocates peace. Please do not mishear my words or twist them into the belief that I think that white youth should die. The thought is absolutely wrong and evil. And perhaps I should make that position clearer as I speak. Thank you for writing.

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On Jul 18, 2013, at 11:55 AM,

Dyson you were a thug and you are still a thug. You were a hustler and you are still a hustler, a race hustler.

You can't figure out that a person, any person, has the right to defend themselves, to prevent their being killed by a punk who had never performed one productive thing in his life, expelled from school, and who should have had a criminal record if police had did their sworn duty.

You calling for the death of White babies. If you were White you would be fired by PMSNBC and by Georgetown, but being black you are granted race privileges that others do not get.

Just don't mess with my children.


THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2013 AT 12:58:00 PM EDT


Anonymous said...

Thank the Lord for Orthodox Jews, Mormons, conservative Catholics, and the Amish and Mennonites for keeping the white race alive.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Dyson sounds just like this Mr. Wise. "You JUST do not understand my words." "I merely did not express myself clearly enough." Etc. Perhaps we do understand those words all too well?

Anonymous said...

I can assure Mr.Stix that my email to Dyson was sent to him by me, and he responded to me by his Iphone as posted.

I have removed my email address and my name as I have no protection from the dark forces which now rule this country.