Saturday, October 05, 2013

Remember the “Battle of the Sexes,” When 29-Year-Old Female Tennis Champ Billie Jean King Beat Over-the-Hill, Gimpy, 55-Year-Old Bobby Riggs? It was Fake: Riggs Took a Dive!

By Nicholas Stix

Recall that there were two “Battle of the Sexes,” matches, though the first one has largely been sent down the memory hole. In the first one, Riggs whipped Margaret Smith Court, the number one women’s tennis player on the face of the earth, who at 30 was young enough to be his daughter, 6-2, 6-1.

In the second match, he managed to lose to the even younger King, and feminists celebrated that King had proved women’s athletic equality to men.

Riggs had been the world’s top-rated tennis player… when he was in his twenties.

Of course, it was a fraud, even with a man playing females half his age. It always is.

In 1999, a punchless young feminist got a 5’2” Asian jockey with high blood pressure, who threw few punches and was so inept with his hands that my glass-jawed big sister could have walloped him, to go in the ring with her. When the feminist outpointed the ailing jockey, 40-36, feminists, including an allegedly man New York Post reporter, declared it proof of female athletic equality.

To females and your maleservants: You’re not fooling anyone.

For the Billie Jean King-Bobby Riggs story, hit this link to Ex-Army Libertarian Nationalist.


Anonymous said...

In 1998 the Williams sisters were boasting they could beat any male players ranked outside the top 200.
A match was arranged with Karsten Braasch who was ranked 203. He crushed both of them barely breaking a sweat. I remember it well, especially for the Williams sisters mindless classless ghetto trash talking that is typical of black athletes.
Martina Navratilova at 36 played Jimmy Connors (at 40) and lost despite being given the advantage of having 2 serves to his one and playing to a doubles court.
Chris Everett stated in her biography her younger brother who was a low level college player could defeat her.
From my own personal experience: I'm not a tennis player but one time went out to hit some tennis balls with a girlfriend who played tennis, I'm a pretty fair athlete but having only played 3 times in my life had developed no skills for the game. She was mad afterward. I beat her the first game we played.
The only other time I've competed athletically against women was on the basketball court. Some female college level players used to come to a gym I played at regularly, I'm just a slightly above average rat ball player but could still easily physically dominate female college level players.
Yeah, the notion that women can compete with men athletically is such utter nonsense it's laughable anyone can say such crap with a straight face, but somehow feminists and PC fanatics can do it.

Sometimes things happen in reverse though: Anyone remember Rene Richards? Also there is a transgendered male to female player in college basketball. Here's a link to it. Absurd, of course, just because you think you're a woman and cut off your junk you're still a man and have the same physical advantages. The only way it might be more equal if a man is taking hormones that reduce his muscle mass and make him weaker and slower, might have been the case with Rene Richards because she didn't dominate women's tennis.

Anonymous said...

I've got to add this one to my previous comment:
Anyone remember the celeb match: joey Buttafuoco vs. Chynna (the female wrestler)?
It's on Youtube. I'm supplying the link. It's clear Chynna had fighting skills superior to Buttafuoco, she even landed a few early punches, the overweight and unskilled Buttafuoco easily overpowered her, she simply didn't have the strength to stop him.

Anonymous said...

Here's one that just hit the news. It's actually being reported as a hate crime! Interesting to see how the media handles it. Jerry

Anonymous said...

Chynna did get in close enough to hit Buttafuco but she paid dearly for her error. She wasn't even okay when she ran. He caught her.