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Ilana Mercer: When It Comes to Racially Motivated, Black-on-White Murders, the Media and the Cops are Compulsive Liars

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Ilana Mercer is a libertarian, unlike most people who so identify themselves today, who are actually glibertarians. Glibertarians come in at least two types:

1. Those for whom “libertarian” talking points are mere sophistry, in order to make them more money, at other people’s expense; and
2. Those for whom “libertarian” talking points are mere sophistry, in order to rationalize legalized, unlimited abortion and legalized, unlimited drug abuse.

The overwhelming majority of both types of glibertarians bow down to “civil rights.” “Civil rights,” in its modern meaning, and libertarianism are antipodes. The so-called Civil Rights Movement was a marriage of convenience between communists and black race men. The black race men sought to enslave whites, and the communists sought to do… what communists do.

Mercer is the author of Into the Cannibal's Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa, which I ordered just a day or two ago.

Dropped into the Black Hole of Disinformation
August 30, 2013
By Ilana Mercer

"There is no clear motive for why the murder happened," a CNN reporter chanted robotically, in what has been for as long as I can remember SOP (standard operating procedure) in major media. Whenever a black murders a white—which is four times more often than the reverse—the salient features of the crime disappear into a black hole of disinformation.

By salient features I mean, in the main, information pertaining to the skin color of the perpetrator and victim, and the extraordinary brutality with which the villain typically goes about exterminating his victim.

Overkill is the word I'm looking for.

Observe the face of hate (Curtis Lavelle Vance's) and the object of Vance's hatred, news anchor Anne Pressly, of blessed memory. Then read the details of Vance's assault on Pressly. Pressly's pale, pretty face Vance pounded to an unrecognizable pulp. The killer aimed, very plainly, to annihilate her.

All too often submerged as well is the exquisite vulnerability of victims of unrecognized racial hatred. Of this particular stark element, however, it was impossible to strip the murder of Antonio Santiago. Robo-reporter could not conceal that Santiago (white) was 13 months old when he was shot in the head by two black teens, as his mother, Sherry West, watched on helplessly.

Baby Santiago was not a bystander caught in gang crossfire, as so many black victims of other blacks often are. He was a tot targeted and executed; shot point blank between the eyes in broad daylight.

You'd think that the shooting in the head of baby Santiago would have occupied the vast, empty expanse that is Oprah Winfrey's head. But mum's the word from Winfrey, who has been vocal about the slaying of Trayvon Martin (black) by George Zimmerman (Hispanic). The queen of kitsch compared the Martin-Zimmerman altercation, during which Zimmerman shot Martin in self-defense, to the gruesome mutilation, over half a century ago, of Emmett Till by whites in Mississippi.

"I haven't met anyone who denies that that crime was about killing a white person and was driven by race," huffed one Marc Lamont Hill, a Huffington Post broadcaster. Hill was referring not to the murder of baby Santiago, which too few TV mouths have raised, but to the gunning down of Christopher Lane, 23, a visiting Australian student and baseball player, by another pair of feral black youths.

Whites kill and rape blacks all the time, vaporized Hill during the Aug. 22, CNN segment.
Hill lies! As regards "stranger homicide," "blacks murder whites four times more often than whites murder blacks. Put differently, black-on-white murders constituted 20 percent of the known sample of 'stranger homicides,'" while "white-on-black murders constituted 5 percent of the same sample." So says the Bureau of Justice Statistics, in a report titled "Homicide Trends in the United States, 1980-2008."

Crunched by the same statisticians, the trends for rape, in 2005, show that not one black woman or man—0.0 percent—was raped by a Caucasian, a trend that has persisted. "For 15 years, according to the Department of Justice victimization surveys," observed Ann Coulter, "the number of white-on-black rapes [has been] either 0.0 or a sample too small" to be statistically significant.

The racial impetus of the Lane murder was a little harder to deny, although its denial would have hardly caused an international incident. Australians are much like Americans when it comes to prostrating themselves before racial special interests. In the case of Lane, however, the brutes left the requisite forensic evidence: anti-white trash talk on Twitter.

In any event, so glaring was the contempt with which Lane's killers littered Twitter, that the presence of a white boy in the getaway car did nothing to water-down the conclusion of racism.Thus had a confluence of factors conspired to prompt the comatose on cable TV to broach a taboo topic. But it was not the execution of a white baby by two black "moral barbarians" that brought about this sea change.

Nor was it the beating to death of Delbert Belton, 88, from Spokane, in Wash. Trust the police in the evergreen and always pinko state to finesse the murder of a white veteran by blacks with assurances that it was "a random attack." Robbery was the sole motive in Belton's murder.

These assurances were offered up by Spokane Police Chief Frank Straub. Not that anyone in the pinko state and beyond paused to ask, but why, if the beating of Belton was motivated by greed or need only, did the perpetrators proceed to pulverize grandpa's face with "big heavy flashlights"?

Elementary, my dear Watson.

The boys in blue from the pink state may not be there to defend you when your turn comes, but they can be trusted to ennoble your killers.The old man, explained the stupid Straub, "fought back against his attackers, and that may have contributed to the severity of the beating his received."

Do you get Straub's drift? Unless they state otherwise, goons of color harbor only the purest of motives when gunning for honky.

Since he was being interviewed by national media, Straub quickly expressed his commitment not to protecting Spokane residents from such killers, but to "institu[ting] a mentoring program" for the likes of Delbert Belton's killers.

Mark Griffiths, another genius from the Spokane Police, seconded that "there was no indication that [the 88-year-old WWII veteran] would have known these people prior to the assault." Ergo, the motive was robbery.

In non sequitur land, strangers do not harbor hate, and criminals do not multitask—in other words, never do they rob people while simultaneously acting out their darkest desires. (And, by logical extension, the Nazis, who killed millions of strangers, could not have been motivated both by hate and greed.)

Au contraire. "These people"—the barbarians who blattered the veteran who'd survived the Battle of Okinawa—knew quite a bit about Belton ... by the color of his skin.

As did Mona Yvette Nelson "know" Jonathan Paul Foster was The One she would kidnap, torture and torch. Nelson "knew" Foster from ... his fair, white skin and red hair.

"It was a truly senseless killing," intoned another politically conditioned automaton from the Poughkeepsie Police, about the snuffing out of 99-year-old Fannie Gumbinger (white) by the 20-year-old Jason Tyrek Rogers (black).

You're the senseless one here, Chief Ron Knapp. To Mrs. Gumbinger's killer, it made perfect sense to lay into a little old lady, whose "defenders" are apologetic castrates, unwilling to stand up and fight real racial hate.

"Sticks and stones may break [your] bones but words will never hurt [you]." That's how children were once wisely taught, in rhyme, to get a grip on the dangers that await them in the world. Prevailing PC pietism has reversed this simple profundity.

Dead and disfigured white corpses stacked up in morgues are purported to tell us not a thing about a killer's motives, unless accompanied by nasty words. But as the cliché goes, "Actions speak louder than words."

[N.S.: And even when the black killers do use naughty words, the authorities lie about their significance, too!]


Anonymous said...

"Whenever a black murders a white—which is four times more often than the reverse"

NO! That figure of whites killing blacks is deliberately skewed by the government in an effort to make whitey look worse than what the true situation is. When a black is killed by a white, that "white" is most usually a Mexican gang member killing the black. NOT a whitey as that term white is understood.

Anonymous said...

"It was a truly senseless killing," intoned another politically conditioned automaton from the Poughkeepsie Police, about the snuffing out of 99-year-old Fannie Gumbinger (white) by the 20-year-old Jason Tyrek Rogers (black)."

If you are a white liberal and read this comment, please note the ages of the perp and victim. This is the type of crime THAT IS UNIQUE TO THE AMERICAN NEGRO! Attacking the elderly white woman, raping and killing her. Demonstrative of a certain perverse and malevolently evil mentality, barbaric and savage. And since this type of crime is not common but no so uncommon, it cannot be attributed to mental illness and such.

Anonymous said...

N.S.: And even when the black killers do use naughty words, the authorities lie about their significance, too!]

Mr. Stix has in mind the interview of Jeantel by Piers Morgan. "Cracker" the word used by American negroes to describe whites in a contemptuous and hate filled manner according to Jeantel means "man". And "creepy white assed kill your neighbors cracker" means according again Jeantel means someone acting like the police. That was Crump the lawyer for the family of Treyvons that told her to say that.

Anonymous said...

I've wondered about those stats also. How often do whites murder blacks? I don't think it happens nearly as often as stats seem to suggest and since I don't have access to the data I'm simply going to go by this: When was the last time a white person murdered a black person locally? Any murder will get local reporting then goes into some mysterious national database, which suggests there is a significant amount of white on black murder. So how does this jibe with local interracial murder?
OK, I remember there was one white on black murder in my city around 20 years ago when a couple of white guys were driving around, spotted a black man riding his bike and stabbed him to death. Other than that I can't recall even one. That's it, the only one I can even recall. Maybe I've missed something but I do know there are at least 2-3 black on white murders in this area every year. I've lived back east for a couple of years and in the Oakland area of california for 5 years once. I can only recall one white on black murder that happened in those times. I do recall multiple black on white murders, I haven't kept track of any exact numbers but even the most surface estimate I come up with is an enormous disparity, far more than is suggested by any stats I have read. One commenter mentioned hispanics being categorized as white in hispanic on black killings, I believe he is correct. When I lived in the Oakland area I recall a high degree of homocidal violence between blacks and hispanic gangs, lumping them in as whites would skew the numbers dramatically. I have no numbers to back that up but I would challenge anyone to quote me any local white on black murders they have heard of. A lot of people might pull something out of their hat but it will be some isolated instance that is a rarity compared to black on white murders that happen.
I actually asked a relative of mine (who is a liberal black crime apologist type) that question and his response was to (at first) stare at me with that "how dare you ask that racist question" look and then when he clearly couldn't think of any he tried to claim no black on white murders have occurred either, complete horseshit (and he knew it) so when I quoted several publicized local murders (that he magically kind of remembered when I reminded him - funny how those liberal types forget things like that), he then claimed that our area was an anomaly and places like the deep south make up for the lack of white on black murders here. I asked him that if there were that many white on black murders happening in one concentrated region don't you think the media would report it? The NAACP would howl? Then he said the media would just censor it, to which I said: A media that would give us 24/7 Treyvon coverage would hardly censor a wave of white on black murders in one area of the country. At this point he simply denounced that type of thinking as racist and walked away. He had nothing else.
My point to all this is simple. We all know on some level, the power of denial based on PC programming is considerable, but we still all know deep down inside. White on black murders are an extreme rarity while the reverse happens commonly. We don't need FBI statistics to tell us, we just need to pay attention to our local news and events around us. Jerry