Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tenured Black Supremacist Michael Eric Dyson: Blacks Must Murder Many More White Children, Before Whites Can Understand Racism!

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Genocide’ll teach ‘em! Just like it taught them dirty Jews!

During the black DC Snipers' reign of terror 10 years ago, Fox News had a racist black female "psychologist" on as a guest, who said that, based on John Muhammad and Boyd Malvo's murders of whites, "Now whites know how we feel."


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Published on Jul 16, 2013

Michael Eric Dyson suggests more white kids need to die in order for Americans to understand racism


Anonymous said...

326As far as I can understand, the only racists out there are the American negro attacking white persons. That number of white women raped each year by negro men [and white inmates at penal institutions too] is astronomical. And the murder of whites by blacks also sky high. That old paradigm of intra-racial crime predominant has been gone a long time now. And those statistics as given by the government [not given any more?] are skewed in a deliberate manner to make whites appear bad when they are not.

Anonymous said...

"More white kids need to die". Very interesting. That was the attitude of the Black Muslim Zebra killers in San Francisco. Kill the whitey kids to gain status as a Death Angel.

So very cowardly too attacking and killing kids. A perverse, sickening and malevolently evil mentality enjoyed by some.

Glaivester said...

Any thoughts on maybe a post about the Red October marches around the world to protest the white genocide in South Africa?

Nicholas said...


Thanks for the heads=up!

Anonymous said...

The Communist Northeast Bloc states need to have their governments overthrown and a TRUE right to carry guns unimpeded by police gun controllers established. Otherwise, the same old POLICE ENFORCED GUN CONTROL so that Blacks can kill whites and asians at will will continued unabated.

Anonymous said...

Sir, that's NOT what I said at all. I am in NO way advocating the death oh white children. I'm saying that because white children have not been arbitrarily profiled and murdered by police and others, white Americans have no idea how infuriating, unjust and evil it is to witness your children be subject to racial profiling and murder. I am a nonviolent person who advocates peace. Please do not mishear my words or twist them into the belief that I think that white youth should die. The thought is absolutely wrong and evil. And perhaps I should make that position clearer as I speak. Thank you for writing.

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On Jul 18, 2013, at 11:55 AM,

Dyson you were a thug and you are still a thug. You were a hustler and you are still a hustler, a race hustler.
You can't figure out that a person, any person, has the right to defend themselves, to prevent their being killed by a punk who had never performed one productive thing in his life, expelled from school, and who should have had a criminal record if police had did their sworn duty.
You calling for the death of White babies. If you were White you would be fired by PMSNBC and by Georgetown, but being black you are granted race privileges that others do not get.
Just don't mess with my children.