Thursday, October 17, 2013

Obama Attack in Glenolden, Delaware County, PA: Pack of Nine Racist Blacks Tries to Murder Lone 15-Year-Old White Girl; CBS Philadelphia Covers Up Essentials; Cops Have Done Nothing

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Note the giveaways: The white family can’t understand why someone would do this. When I told The Boss that, she remarked that our son is 13, and he understands perfectly well, what’s behind such attacks. The victim appears to censor herself, in describing what the racist attackers said to her. I hear no rage form her or her father. The alleged reporter, Walt Hunter, gives no description of the attackers, yet asks that people call the police. Meanwhile, according to Hunter, two days after attack, the police had still not sought to interview the victim, indicating that they consider the crime completely unimportant. Hunter puts a positive spin on this, saying that now that she’s out of the hospital, the cops can interview her. Since when are police forbidden from entering hospitals to interview crime victims?

P.S. (8:50 p.m.): An American Renaissance reader points out that the media description of the attackers as "teens" is another dead giveaway that they were black.

Little Glenolden, Pennsylvania, with roughly 13,000 people, is 90 percent white, and only eight percent black, and yet racist blacks have no fear of consequences. Little wonder. And yet, the MSM, academia, “Obama,” Holder, et al., maintain their perpetual motion race hoax machine.


EXCLUSIVE: 15-Year-Old Girl Attacked By Group of Teens in Delaware County
October 16, 2013 6:18 P.M.
By Walt Hunter
CBS Philadelphia
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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Speaking exclusively to CBS 3, a 15-year-old high school student, whose identity we are concealing, described a terrifying attack by a gang of at least nine teenage boys as she was leaving an Interboro High School football game Monday night.

The teenage victim described first being taunted by the attackers, who followed her down a neighborhood street, cursing [what kind of curses, pray tell?] and spitting at her, before she was repeatedly kicked and punched, at least one of the blows to her head. [Drop the passive voice: Before they kicked and punched her…]

“It was scary, just horrible, just the worst feeling in the world,” she said. “He punched me in my back and then kicked me in the back, and then punched me in the back of my head. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t talk. I was just straight crying.”

The victim says as at least two of the teenagers pummeled her, the others cheered them on shouting, “come on, let’s get her.” At one point, the victim says, the gang tried to throw her under the wheels of a passing car, which swerved, narrowly missing her.

“They took me by my arm and just threw me out like I was a fishing rod. I was doubled over in pain,” she said. “Everything was just a big, giant blur.”

Finally, left injured in the roadway, she told CBS 3′s Walt Hunter, she staggered more than a mile to her home, worried she might not make it, collapsing in the driveway.

Rushed by her parents to Taylor Hospital, she was medevaced to Children’s Hospital where, her parents say, she was treated for a partially collapsed lung and other injuries. Released 48 hours after the attack, she is now recovering at home as police move forward with their investigation.

“What happened that night is beyond belief to me,” said Joe Parris, the victim’s father.

The victim and her family want to see the attackers brought to justice as, they say, they try to comprehend what could possibly prompt a pack of strangers to viciously attack a young woman walking home from a football game?

If you have information, please call Glenolden Police at 610-583-1312.


AnalogMan said...

That girl is not White, though her father apparently is. Maybe she just looked white enough. Or at least, not black enough.

Anonymous said...

"That girl is not White, though her father apparently is"

How were you able to determine the girl is not White? NO where on the Internet is a picture. Do you have that specific URL for a site that shows her photo?

Anonymous said...

This more than just a beating. This was attempted murder. They tried to throw her under a car. Well, at least no stripping or rape that we are aware of.

It is suggested the "youth" wanted a swirl. That is a term from the ghetto [so called ghetto].

Anonymous said...

This Glenholden is 90 % whitey and yet the girl was not safe. Even in an almost all whitey place you are not safe.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you see the video? She had straight brown hair and the shape of her nose was European. She was Caucasian.

Anonymous said...

What's beyond belief is that this girl's father found this assault and attempted murder of his daughter "beyond belief". America needs to wake and get a clue...
Our society and culture is producing, and has already produced, a generation of feral and selfish beasts. We can thank, in part, the indoctrination of this generation's "victim-mentality", "enlightenment", not to mention the general lack of responsible male peers. The only positives about this crime are that she did not end up under the intended wheels of the car, and that the perpetrators had not yet reached puberty... otherwise this young lady would have likely been gang-raped as well.

Nicholas said...

"Our society and culture is producing, and has already produced, a generation of feral and selfish beasts."

Not so. White and Asian boys aren't at all like that.

Anonymous said...

She Is mixed A Half Breed, white And Black My Kid GoesToSchool With Her....But My Question Is How Can ShePossible Know HoW Many Guys were There

Anonymous said...

It's been going on since the Reconstruction of the south.

On TV President Lyndon Johnson said: "My fellow Americans" and with a southern accent drawled about the "Great Society".

An adult looked at me and said "That means that you will go to school with blacks".

My grade school teacher wanted to hold me back a year to save me. However I was unafraid, for I believed fervently in the Union, and had nothing but sympathy for blacks.

The first day was sheer terror. I was beaten, robbed, and scared out of my wits. They would call me "white boy" and search my pockets, threaten me with death, stalk me after school, face punch, stomach punch. One day I was cold-cocked in the side of the head by a very large muscular negro. I was dizzy and went to the school nurse. She said "nothing wrong" and sent me to class. I sat in class staring wildly into space, breathing hard, my face swollen from the punch. Know what? Nobody gave a damn at all.

Someone once said that I could sue the government. guess not.

When I told a family member, they replied that blacks have had it rough, and so it is OK, that this was happening to me.

Growing up in the city, I experienced such ferocious racism from blacks, that I swore an oath to expose this violent racism, in order to save other youths in school, from this fate. That is why to this day I take the time to comment on this.

And it's true. They sweep it under the rug. It is similar to the Reconstruction policies in the south, fanning the flames of racial antagonism, it is called "cultural marxism"

Anonymous said...

It was a full blown chimp out ! Track down the `parents` and throw them in `ghetto U` for three years and when they get out, they can deal with their `angels`

Anonymous said...

In France when the black muslims riot or otherwise commit crime they refer to them as "jeunes", which is essentially the same code word as "teen".

Anonymous said...

You know it's funny because I also live in Glenolden and all I see is a bunch of white trash, drug addicted (prescription pills included), pale face, pale skin, dog smelling, disease carrying, sibling fucking, welfare receiving, sun fearing, liver spots having, "GO BACK TO AFRICA" yelling, pizzeria food eating, cigarette smoking, no fashion having, dirty ass peasants who shouldn't even be in The Americas to begin with... So shut your white privileged asses up. You do realize that your ancestors murdered, raped, stolen, deceived, diseased and totally fucked over the indigenous "Negro" people for you to be here today, right? We were here hundreds of thousands of years before any pale face set his diseased feet on this holy land (America). So instead of always pointing your cigarette stained fingers at us sun kissed/sun loved people, try looking at the history of your people and look into current events and see how your people have fucked this world over big time! Look at all of the wars, nuclear melt downs, oil spills, colonizations, GMOs, diseases, Pollution, forest devastations, etc..etc.. There's always one of your kind who is responsible for it, but yet you call us violent? What are you and where are you indigenous to? We so-called "black" people are indigenous to this entire planet, but where are you from and why is it that even the sun doesn't recognize you? Oh and psssst... We so-called "African Americans" aren't from Africa at all. We're actually Indigenous to The Americas...(South America, Central America, Mexico, North America, Canada, Alaska, New Found Land, Nova Scotia).