Monday, October 28, 2013

Lou Reed is Dead—Rocker was Very Inspirational

By Nicholas Stix

At Five Feet of Fury, Kathy Shaidle observes,

Spare a thought for the untold thousands who Reed inspired to become sluts and junkies and died before he did.


Anonymous said...

The father of the 14 year old rape victim says he can't believe something like this could happen in broad daylight.
Blacks have been brazenly attacking whites openly for years so why is he surprised?

As for Lou Reed I will say he did write great songs, had to, he had the worst voices in rock music this side of Bob Dylan, when you have a tuneless voice and can barely stay in key you better be able to write distinctive original music.

He wrote a song in the 70's simply titled heroin which chronicled his experience with the drug, some people have claimed it turned them onto the drug, though Reed says it was meant to do that. Are rock stars responsible about how they present drug messages in their songs so people won't feel inspired to experiment? Debatable I suppose but you can see the effect it had on Lou Reed, the man started looking like hell at a very early age, it was a minor miracle he lived as long as he did especially considering how hard he tried to die an early death. Intravenous drug use, heavy drinking and smoking, promiscuous gay sex all took a toll on his health and destroyed his liver, he clearly wanted to live and was working hard to clean up later in life and be healthy. The fact he made it to 70 showed he was made of some genetic sturdy stuff, possibly could have lived another 20 or more years if not for the damage done in his younger days. I doubt many young people are very aware of Lou Reed and will take a cue from his (somewhat) premature death, the current crop of pop stars are what they see and emulate. You know: Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus et al..damn, that's not very hopeful is it? At least Lou had some talent. Jerry

Chicago guy said...

He's been a part of what passes for American 'culture'. It's all been radioactive toxic waste. Our cultural contributions to the world: Lou Reed, Lady GaGa, Rihanna, the Kardashians, the list is endless. Face it, the US has been contaminating the planet with harmful waste.