Friday, October 25, 2013

Are Blacks Monsters? Is Crime a White Idea?

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

I found the following disturbing essay today by an anonymous American Renaissance reader.

Crime is a white idea. White people, and white people ONLY hold to certain rights and responsibilities all people inalienable rights endowed to us by God. Violation of these rights makes one a criminal. Violating the rights of another is crime.

Where there is no recognition of those rights, there can be no crime. This is literally what almost every black person caught committing “crime” means when he exclaims, “I didn’ do nuffin.” He means he didn’t do anything wrong. His non-recognition of the basic rights of others, even to exist, means that the very idea that he might be doing something wrong, never enters into his head and he has no guilt whatsoever over the most heinous of acts... rape, robbery, murder, assault. The only limits he recognizes (and only during those rare times he bothers to think rationally at all) is the punishment and pain, even death, others will heap on him in retaliation. Such things, to his thinking are always unreasonable (I didn’ do nuffin’).

However, the flip side of such is a much desired outcome. How much he can get away with, and his victims are helpless to do anything about it, determines his status. The contradiction never enters his mind.

At best, non-whites are psychopaths, by our standards. But really, what they are, are monsters. What makes a monster a monster is his nature. Monsters don’t make decisions. Monsters lack choice. This is the fundamental misunderstanding all white people have with regard to non-whites.

People have choice. People change. People can be rehabilitated. People repent. Monsters cannot. Evil isn’t something they do. It’s something they are. As far as repentance goes, the term means to return. To go back to the beginning to a state of innocence and start again. Monsters can’t do that. They were never innocent. Think on THAT, the next time you see black children and wonder what they will be in 20 years. The liberal sees them, and feels hope. He feels hope because he sees children in a state of innocence. More experienced people notice that at age, 4, 5, 6, the black “children” are already hurting others. Where did they “learn” this? It is a mystery, until you admit they did not have to learn it. It’s not what they do. It’s what they are.

What is the point of all that? The point is that a crime rate that goes up and down, is largely meaningless. Who cares, if monsters are more or less active that season than in seasons prior? They are still monsters. No “progress” has been made, just because the “crime rate” is down. Quite frankly, such things have far more to do with changing demographics and the propensity for those in charge to simply lie, than anything else.

Which is a very important point. There is a certain threshold where the monsters take over and crime mysteriously disappears. Did the criminal behaviors stop? No... if anything they’ve dramatically increased. What is happening is a combination of monsters pretending to be cops, no longer arresting other monsters. Monsters in charge of keeping the stats, simply make up whatever lie is handy. And, worst of all, a monster faces a true jury of his peers when called to court and other monsters agree wholeheartedly with him that “he didn’ do nuffin.”

So-called crime is a white idea we virtually eliminated among ourselves. This issue with the monsters is completely different. Our techniques for dealing with crime are ludicrous in the face of what monsters are. What good is it to arrest a monster and jail him, when the entire population he belongs to is just like him? Will you arrest everyone? The U.S. seems to have tried. Some small success, at incredible costs. Can you rehabilitate a monster? Hahahaha... no. Punish a monster? Dat be rayciss... is the only response you will ever get.

All these things have in common the false paradigm of inclusion, [according to which] at the end of the day, what matters is they are of us, just like us, only different in skin color. That is not only untrue, it’s an intentional deception (by whom is a whole other question... one that leads to war). But with regard to “crime,” what we need is a paradigm of exclusion.

They are not human. They are monsters. No different than if we were in the middle of a bad zombie film. A whole different set of assumptions, behaviors, and beliefs apply.

Of course, “dat be rayciss.”


Anonymous said...

They, blacks, kill, rape, rob, fight, as easily as they blow their noses and without any compunction at all. This son of Obama. who killed a math teacher, ate and went to a movie after just murdering his teacher, and this son of Obama is only 14. One must wonder how did he reach a point at the age of 14 that he could so easily murder with a box cutter a human being. The proof is in the pudding. He could have did that at 6 years of age but would not have been physically able to with a box cutter...maybe.

Anonymous said...

Recent New York Magazine article written by Mike Tyson. (convicted rapist)

His mother allowed him to leave school at age 11. Then he robbed people's homes. Mr. Tyson has no regrets and from what I read didn't bother to make any amends.

and this is a role model for young men? something is seriously wrong.

Anonymous said...

I just read an interesting story about a photographer in Philadelphia named Hannah Price who decided to turn the tables on her catcallers by shooting photos of them. She claims these photos illustrate regular, non-menacing people on the streets of Philly. Odd, to me they all look like monsters.

Anonymous said...

I checked out the photo series by Ms. Price. What a load of BS. Typical namby pamby liberal whitewashing of what is an ugly act. Ms. Price wants to use street harassment to enhance her artistic cred. If she really cared about stopping street harassment she would do video recordings of street harassers in the act.
Her rationalization is disingenuous, especially when she makes the typical liberal claim: Harassers don't have a specific race (bullshit, 98% of them are black). This after she said other men (implying white guys) also approach her just in a different way. She had one picture of a white guy in her series, I wonder how long she had to wait before she finally got a white guy to behave like a black street harasser, or maybe she just took a respectful approach as a street harassment to make it seem like she wasn't being biased toward black men.
Ms. Price, it is OK for men to approach women in a human way, and white guys aren't shouting "c'mere bitch and be my ho'" that behavior is by socially retarded jobless black men who have little to offer a woman and compensate with crude inappropriate come ons toward strange women. They should be called out in a direct way, you don't need to dance around race or their behavior by "humanizing" them. This is one of the main reasons why black men behave this way, no one calls them on it. Both black and white community ignores the behavior in black men and enables in much the way Ms. Price does if they ever address it. White men behaving this way would be smacked down, as they should, but black men get a free pass. Jerry

Anonymous said...

Our weaknesses are their strengths. They are using our sense of kindness and mercy to destroy us. The meek will NOT inherit the Earth, and turning the other cheek, will only be seen as a sign of weakness, and will guarantee that you get hit again. All white nations are being overrun because of our collective kindness and mercy, and it is destroying us.

Other races never worried about the welfare and treatment of others before themselves.

“In civilized warfare, an obviously contradictory phrase, wounded soldiers could be left in a field hospital which might be occupied by the enemy; but when fighting Indians this would be a death sentence. An Indian thought a battle was not finished until he or his opponent lay dead. The white man’s concept of mercy struck him as not only peculiar but cowardly”.-‘SON OF THE MORNING STAR’, pg. 281-2

And it was the same for Black Africans…..

“The reason for this no-prisoners policy was seldom articulated by its practitioners. In many cases it was simply tradition, a practice so common and universal that it needed no explanation. For example during the Zulu War, a British officer asked the Zulu prisoners why he should not kill them, as Zulus always killed British that fell into their hands. One prisoner answered, `There is a very good reason that you should not kill us. We kill you because it is the custom of the black man, but it isn’t the white man’s custom.’ Impressed by this appeal to the power of custom, the officer spared the Zulu prisoners.” [“He ordered the prisoners released and gave them safe passage through British lines.”] -‘War Before Civilization’, by Lawrence Keeley

[“Two months earlier, a Zulu army had slaughtered a British force at Isandlwana. They had shown no quarter, killing and, in many cases, horribly mutilating more than 800 British soldiers and 52 officers – more British officers than were killed at Waterloo.”]

Re: “Before Isandwhlana, we treated all your wounded men in our Hospital, but when you attacked our camp, your brethren, our black patients, rose and helped to kill those who had been attending on them. Can any of you advance any reason why I should not kill you?” One of the younger men, with an intelligent face, asked, “May I speak ?” “Yes.” “There is very good reason why you should not kill us. We kill you because it is the custom of the Black men, but it isn’t the White man’s custom!” So, putting them in charge of an officer and a couple of Colonel Bullcr’s men, I had them sent safely past our Outposts, as far as the Zunguin mountain.”

"Mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent."-- Adam Smith

Pax Romana

Anonymous said...

"Death to all and mercy to none", seems to be the way of the black in America. The black kills, rapes, robs, assaults any they can reach.

Baloo said...

Two things: You have a link glitch in paragraph seven. And, I've reblogged this here with a quibcag.
Rights and Monsters.