Monday, October 28, 2013

Another World Series Shocker: Cardinals Pinch-Runner Carleton Wong Goes in for Allen Craig with Two Outs in the Bottom of the Ninth, Losing 4-2, and Lets Red Sox Reliever Koji Uehara Pixk Him Off, to Tie the Series at Two Games Each!

By Nicholas Stix

The gimpy Craig, who was part of the wild ending the previous night, had hit the ball into the right field corner, which would have been an extra-base hit, but he could barely limp to first base. Meanwhile, Cardinals right fielder Carlos Beltran, a great clutch hitter and one of the greatest base-runners of his generation, could only watch helplessly from the batter’s box, as Wong took the bat out of his hand.

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countenance said...

The real scandal:

All of a sudden, we've forgotten how to hit the ball. Our bats have gone colder than a witch's middle region this Thursday.