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Another Campus Race Hoax, This Time at Mass’ Williams College


[Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

“Race Hoax Alert! Four “Colored Only” Signs at College Water Fountains!”]



On November 8, some enterprising, racist black shakedown artist staged a race hoax, in conjunction with Black Solidarity Day at SUNY New Paltz, and a few days later, came a copycat crime at Williams College in Williamstown, MA, as reliably leftwing a campus as you’ll find in the country.

Racial slur investigated at Williams College
November 14, 2011 6:04 p.m.
Updated on November 15, 2011 10:39 a.m.
By Beth Wurtmann

WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass. - Hundreds of students gathered on campus Monday to express their outrage, solidarity and safety concerns, after a racial slur containing the N-word was discovered on a dormitory wall.

The phrase was reportedly written in permanent black marker on the top floor of Prospect House.

College officials initially did not release the exact location or wording of the slur: 'All N-word's must die.'

But after some students reported fearing for their safety, the administration released more details.

Classes were canceled so students could gather to share their feelings, including the student who discovered and reported the slur.

"Some people felt like it was very threatening and they weren't sure that, does this mean an action's going to be taken that students are at risk? others felt, "oh someone's being stupid, came upstairs and left, maybe it was a drunken incident. but many students felt it was a hate crime and that it should be reported," said Lysa Vola, a junior.

"It was very visceral, you felt like you'd been kicked and then the next thing you want to do is gather everybody up and be together. [I guess he's never been kicked.] You want to give everyone space to grieve together [Grieve together? Who died?] and share their stories," said Stephen Klass, Vice President for Campus Life.

[Their stories? Stories of what? They're going to make up stories, are they?]

Campus security and local police were trying to find out who wrote the slur, by studying card swipe records used to enter the dormitory.

A group of students was also organizing to continue discussions about racism and to adopt a social honor code that all students would be required to sign.

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Bill • 3 weeks ago
o my god

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@thescoop1 • 3 weeks ago
Racism or otherwise, the n-word should be off limits for use by any and all people, regardless of the color of one's skin. The following petition denounces use of the n-word by. Please check it out and if you are in agreement please sign and pass the information on:

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Gabe • 3 weeks ago
@@thescoop1, I completely disagree with you and people like you. Censorship results in more censorship. We do not need to worry about the n-word but the racist idiot saying the n-word. IT'S A WORD, GET OVER IT. It's people like who are turning American's into pansies.

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Dane Wilson • 3 weeks ago
That's not censorship, it's accepting greater responsibility for personal actions and statements. People like that are turning americans into respectable and honorable global citizens with a fraternity that transcends racial boundaries. But don't worry, a new system of responsible and respectable people will still accept people like you, who denounce the prospects of change, because enlightenment will always outshine arrogance.
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Ben • 3 weeks ago
Williams College is pathetic.

Okay. Some immature, bigoted student wrote the "n-word" on a wall.

What should you do?

a) Cancel classes for the day.
b) Form a committee to figure out how to report these things
c) Provide grief counselors to students
d) Demand a police investigation.
e) all of the above.

If you said "e)" Congratulations, you belong at Williams College. Because that IS what they did. I know. I got the emails from the college explaining how they dealt with this "horrible tragedy."

This is pathetic.
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Liz • 3 weeks ago
Pathetic, really? I have an African American friend (freshman) who goes to Williams, and the way she was describing how shocked and vulnerable she felt when she heard about this happening -- on a campus so small -- leaves no doubt in my mind that Williams did the right thing. The person didn't just write a bad word on the wall, he/she made a value judgment in an explicit, ugly threat. This stuff hurts, and I'm happy for her that she had a day where Williams acknowledged this.
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Louis Calabro • 2 weeks ago
What evidence do we have that a person other than an African American posted the hateful racist words.

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Louis Calabro • 2 weeks ago
What evidence do we have that a person other than an African American posted the hateful racist words.
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Jess • 1 week ago
Unlikely yet an interesting possibility. Have they nailed the perpetrator yet?


N.S.: A few days ago, I was able to post a comment at WNYT, which has so far permitted it to stand.

Nicholas Stix • 4 days ago
Jess calls the notion that this could have been a black race hoax “unlikely.” This sort of “hate crime” has been staged dozens of times since 1987, and I’m not aware of any whites ever being caught committing them.

In many cases, blacks were caught staging hoaxes, in many other cases, no one was caught—not that the authorities investigate these incidents very diligently—and in one case, at UC San Diego 2010, a Hispanic female admitted to hanging a noose in the library, but once campus police and the administration learned that the perpetrator was not white, they engineered a cover-up. However, there were also other unsolved hoaxes at San Diego, and most of the cases I know of, including San Diego and New Paltz, were in conjunction with blackmail—or should I say whitemail?—by racist black students and personnel.

The likelihood that a black staged this is roughly 99 percent.

What I’d like to know is which hoax came first: Williams or New Paltz? (I know believe that New Paltz came first.)

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