Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Eve Carson Wanted to Pray with Her Killers




Murder victim Eve Marie Carson



By David in TN


Eve Carson wanted to pray with her abductors before they killed her. She had no idea of the kind of creatures she encountered that night.




Defendant Laurence Lovette Jr. in court





Karen Bethea-Shields is Lovette's defense attorney. She is arguing that there is reasonable doubt as to Lovette's guilt, based on a lack of forensic evidence (hair, fingerprints, etc.) directly tying him to the crime.







"Jayson McNeill, a childhood friend with Laurence Lovette, points at Lovette as he testified against him at Orange County Superior Court Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2011. From the [sic] the [sic] day 5 of the trial of Laurence Alvin Lovette Jr., the second man who is charged in the death of UNC-Chapel Hill Student Body President Eve Carson in 2008." [Quoted from McClatchy's Raleigh News & Observer.]


"He said the whole time that Eve Carson was in the back seat that she was pleading for her life and explained that they didn't have to do what they were doing," McNeil said. "Demario was feeling her clothes and touching her in certain parts of her body."


Lovette said they killed her because she had seen their face.



Lovette may have told that rationalization to McNeill, but we're under obligation to buy it. The crime was committed by experienced criminals without masks, such that the victim could not have helped but see her assailants. Demario Atwater and his crime partner took for granted that they would kill whomever they robbed.




Prosecutor Jim Woodall


The prosecution's case is based on testimony from Lovette's lifelong friend Jayson McNeill, and his girlfriend at the time, Shanita Love, that he confessed to committing the crime to each of them, separately, and ATM surveillance camera photos showing him withdrawing money using Carson's ATM card.




Judge Allen Baddour




Convicted killer of Eve Carson, Demario James "Rio" Atwater,

at March 12, 2008 bail arraignment






Convicted killer Demario "Rio" Atwater's former girlfriend, Shanita Love, has testified at Laurence Lovette Jr.'s trial that he spoke to her of killing Eve Carson.







Duke graduate engineering student Abhijit Mahato was robbed and murdered in his apartment, allegedly by Laurence Lovette Jr. and Stephen Lavance Oates, two months before Eve Carson was murdered. If Lovette proves to have committed both murders, that would make him a serial killer already at the age of 17. Unfortunately, due to North Carolina law, no matter how many murders Lovette is convicted of having committed at the time, the most he can get sentenced to is life in prison. Every additional murder is on the house.


Lovette has not been charged with murdering any blacks, let alone with blowing their face off.







Stephen Lavance Oates is charged, along with Laurence Lovette Jr., with having robbed and murdered Abhijit Mahato.



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Anonymous said...

On Wednesday, HLN host Vinnie Politan again discussed the Eve Carson murder trial on both HLN's Special report and Prime News. Vinnie kept saying "Where does this come from?" How could they do this?"

You would think as an ex-prosecutor Vinnie Politan would have seen this before.

David In TN

Anonymous said...

I am deeply offended, troubled, and saddened by the hate and ignorance included in your blogs and comments. I stumbled across your site searching for a news article about the Carson murder. As heinous as this murder was, the need the subscribers, readers, and commentators of this site feel to expound on the so called "virtues" of white people and the "good old days" is sickening. The Carson family epitomizes love and forgiveness. You and most of your readership clearly suffer from the same lack of soul these killers do. You don't have to pull a trigger to devalue or disrespect a life. The hatred in your hearts makes you murderers as sure as pull a trigger and ending a life does. Too bad we can't murder the ignorance and hatred that fuels actions like this murder and end the murderous language flowing from your ignorant hearts and lips.

Nicholas said...


Politan can’t possibly be that naïve.

But consider the situation. As you reported, HLN is framing this racist atrocity as the act of mentally ill people. And HLN is signing his pay check.

Nicholas said...

Dear, dear Anon,

You are neither “troubled” nor “saddened” by what you read here, unless it was by the rare story in which a racist black monster received justice, so save the sanctimonious slop.

First of all, I am not aware of the Carson family having forgiven their daughter’s killers. Please direct me to evidence of that claim.

No, huh? Didn’t think so.

It is you who has forgiven Eve Carson’s killers. Then again, you never condemned them. You support them.

I know you. Maybe not personally. And my readers know you. Like me, they have relatives like you, and/or colleagues and/or bosses and/or teachers like you. You support racist black monsters, and condemn virtuous whites.

I have never robbed, sexually molested, kidnapped, carjacked, or murdered anyone, and I know my longtime readers well enough to say that they haven’t, either. (I can’t vouch for some of the people who, like you, post anonymously. Maybe you’re a murderer.) Yet two racist black monsters did all that to Eve Carson. And you put us morally on a par with these racist cut-throats. (If I may use the first person plural, guys.)

You know that you are? An evilist. An evilist is someone who “intellectually” supports evil.

But maybe you’re more than that. Are you what diversity trainers call an “ally”? Have you ever helped black colleagues or clients harass or fire a white colleague? Have you ever witnessed a black commit a crime against a white, and then lied to the police, in order to protect the criminal? If any of the foregoing applies to you, then you are not merely an evilist, but flat out evil.

Some day you may get yours from the very people you so passionately defend. And when that day comes, I hope you’ll remember what I said. Because what they will do to you, whether it entails a beating, robbery, maiming, etc., you will have richly earned.

I do, however, have to distinguish between many of my readers and me on this point: Since they are more generous and forgiving than I am, some of them will not wish these things on you. But I sure do.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 11:53,

How does providing links to MSM articles make me not have a soul? How does seeing the world as it is means I have "hatred in my heart?" How is typing words the same as blowing an innocent person's head off with a shotgun?

David In TN

Glaivester said...

Unfortunately, due to North Carolina law, no matter how many murders Lovette is convicted of having committed at the time, the most he can get sentenced to is life in prison.

Actually, you can thank the Supreme Court of the US, <a href=">which has abolished the use of the Death Penalty for minors</a>.

Anonymous said...

Where is Hitler when u need him? If only we can exterminate 3 million blackies instead of Jews, the world would be in a much better place.