Friday, December 16, 2011

In West Allis, WI, 2 Men Commit a Hate Crime, Beating a Man to Death, and are Charged with Capital Murder, but Face a Max of Only 15 Years! Guess Why?

By Nicholas Stix

[Video; story.]

Yup. The alleged killers, Danny Thompson and Javasi Pezanoski-Young, were the “right” race—black—and their victim, Jeffrey Garnier, was the wrong race—white. (Garnier was apparently also mentally retarded.)

A third man, Qwajavious Pittman, who is friends with the alleged killers, allegedly robbed the victim, as the latter lay in the street dying. The third man, who should be up for felony murder, as well, is only being charged with “theft.” “Theft” is for something like shoplifting.

WISN is claiming the murder and robbery “started with a simple misunderstanding.” That’s their story. A racist, 15-year-old black girl came home from a party at 1 a.m.—don’t all 15-year-olds party past midnight?—and lied to her mother, saying the victim had chased her, wearing a mask. The alleged killers—her mother’s boyfriend, her borther, and his friend—then went out and did the girl’s bidding.

How many white men have seen their lives destroyed (e.g., the Tawana Brawleey and Crystal Gail Mangum’s Duke Rape Hoax) or even been murdered (e.g., Seattle’s James Paroline), based on the lies of a racist black female? And the lying, racist black females are never charged!

By the book, felony murder—murder committed while committing a second felony—issues in a maximum sentence of either death or life without parole. Increasing numbers of jurisdictions have unofficially thrown the book out the window, at least where blacks and Hispanics are concerned.

The police were worthless, and the “community” circled the wagons around the racist killers, and so Garnier’s sister mortgaged her house and put up a $10,000 reward, which got the desired effect. Who know? Maybe the racist 15-year-old dropped a dime on her friends.


Anonymous said...

Appears to be the equivalent of a lynching. But it's ok. The negroes had their court and the verdict was delivered.

This is fine. It's natural. Keep ignoring these events, it'll be alright.

Anonymous said...

The perps were some of Holders People, therefore a privileged and protected race as Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder has openly claimed that White Americans are not protected by "Hate Crime Laws"

Which means the white victim brutally beaten to death by those black thugs was himself guilty of the 21st Century crime of "Walking on a public street while white"

Second Class Citizens anyone?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the author should have checked his facts before posting this piece. I am Jeffrey Garnier's sister mentioned in the posting.

1. I did not mortgage my house for the reward money.

2. Jeffrey was not mentally ill.

I guess misinformation looks better than the facts.

Nicholas said...

With all due respect, m’am, where did I say that your brother was mentally ill?

As for saying that you mortgaged your house, it sounded like you told WISN’s Colleen Henry on camera, “I mortgaged my house.”

I can appreciate that you are distraught, and I extend my condolences to you and your family, but it’s flat out wrong for you to charge me with willfully misrepresenting your brother’s murder. I did nothing of the sort, and if you want to charge me with making an unwitting error, then you need to give the exact facts as you know them.

I checked every news report, whether written or videoed, available on the ‘Net before writing this piece.

Anonymous said...

False information. "Borther"? What is a borther? Maybe you should have went over this piece before you posted it. So this turned into a racist 'hate-crime'? I can't believe this. So a white person never lied that caused black men to lose their life? Like the Scottsboro teens weren't accused of rape? You are pathetic sir.

Nicholas said...

Racist anonymous coward,

You showed no false information. So, you’re a liar. You found one meaningless typo. Big whoop. You routinely find multiple typos in your comrades’ work. Do you inflate their typos into “false information”? Of course not. You don’t even mention them.

You then launch into non sequiturs. So, logic isn’t your strong suit, either.

None of the Scottsboro Boys—it’s called the “Scottsboro Boys” case, not the “Scottsboro teens” case—lost his life. In any event, what does that case have to do with this one? And I notice that you had to hunt for a case that was not only irrelevant, but 80 years old.

Oh, I get it. Because some black boys were falsely accused of rape 80 years ago, but not killed, that justifies any and every black falsely accusing and murdering any and every white for the rest of eternity. That’s Nazi-style morality. So, you hate morality as much as you do truth and logic.

And you call me “pathetic”? You evil, lying, racist, sack of shit.