Saturday, December 31, 2011

Whores Found in Whorehouses: D.C. Area School Suspensions Higher for Black Students, Study Says

By Nicholas Stix

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“Dubious Scholarship Feeds Racial Politics in Schools.”]

What the study inadvertently shows is that black kids are not getting suspended or expelled enough.

The professional liars, er, “experts,” producing such studies provide every possible explanation for the higher rates of discipline of black students, save for the truth. Most black parents are unfit. They either fail to teach their children any self-control or manners, or teach them to actively engage in constant disruption and violence in the classroom and everywhere else.

As Raymond Wolters shows in The Burden of Brown, the virtue deficit of black school kids was well-known prior to the Supreme Court’s unconstitutional decision in Brown v. Board of Education.

I wrote at length about routine black school violence in the chapter on education in the NPI report that I edited and co-authored with economist Edwin R. Rubenstein and historian Robert J. Stove, The State of White America—2007.

D.C. area school suspensions higher for black students, study says
December 29, 2011 - 05:19 am

ROCKVILLE, Md. (AP) — A published report says black students in the D.C. area are suspended and expelled two to five times as often as white students, and the trend can be seen in both the Maryland and Virginia suburbs and inner city Washington.

The Washington Post reports that its analysis found that in the suburbs alone, more than 35,000 students were suspended or expelled from school at some point last school year — more than half of them black students.

Experts say potential reasons for the disparity are poverty, unintended bias, unequal access to highly effective teachers and differences in school leadership styles. [N.S.: Blah, blah, blah.]

In Montgomery County, Maryland, Deputy Superintendent Frieda K. Lacey says officials are trying new approaches to close the gap, including involving a team of administrators in suspension decisions. [Cheating and sandbagging on behalf of the thugs, and cheating the decent kids out of an education.]

[I thank reader-researcher RC for the article and the headline.]


Anonymous said...

Montgomery County, Maryland is one of the most affluent counties in the country.

So, the use of "poverty" to excuse social pathologies in this county is a canard.

Refugee Racket Webteam said...

I guess we will dance around the elephant until we die. Such an obvious conclusion, but verboten.

Conor said...

Why are you all so hateful? This kind of hateful thinking is what keeps the system biased and unjust. Persecuting black children and assuming that they are bad or have some sort of incurable moral deficiency is wrong. Your parents were the ones who are really unfit, Nicholas.