Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Medical Examiner, Friend of Laurence Lovette Testify in Eve Carson Murder Trial





Murder victim Eve Carson





"Jayson McNeill, a childhood friend with Laurence Lovette, points at

Lovette as he testified against him at Orange County Superior Court

Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2011. From the [sic] the [sic] day 5 of the trial of

Laurence Alvin Lovette Jr., the second man who is charged in the

death of UNC-Chapel Hill Student Body President Eve Carson in

2008." [Quoted from McClatchy's Raleigh News & Observer.]





"Forensic pathologist Cynthia Gardner, who performed an autopsy on

Eve Carson, describes Carson's head wound at Orange County

Superior Court Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2011. Her testimony is part of the

trial of Laurence Alvin Lovette Jr…" [Quoted from McClatchy's

Raleigh News & Observer.]



By David in TN


On Tuesday, a friend of Laurence Lovette Jr. testified about spending several hours with Lovette on the day police made public a warrant for his arrest. Jayson McNeil, who is currently in federal prison on drug charges, hopes to get a lesser sentence in return for his testimony.



Defendant Laurence Lovette Jr. in court



"They got Rio, they got Rio," McNeil recalled Lovette saying.


Lovette was worried that "Rio," i.e., Demario Atwater, would tell police about him. Lovette also told McNeil that he and Atwater grabbed Eve Carson as she approached her Toyota Highlander.


Lovette, according to McNeil's account, took the wheel while Atwater forced Carson into the back seat. As Lovette drove them around, Carson begged for her life.


McNeil said that Lovette "explained to me how he murdered her. He explained to me that he shot her five times and that she was still alive, that she took the bullets, that she was still talking."


Atwater, according to McNeil, then stood over Carson with a shotgun and shot her.


McNeil's account capped a day of testimony that included the medical examiner.


Dr. Cynthia Gardner performed the autopsy. Jurors dabbed at their eyes as she showed them photos of the wounds she found on Eve Carson.



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those pieces of shit. to murder a beautiful human being for $1400 of cash. savages. people like this should be collected and killed off as a whole. i'm so sorry for this innocent girl and the life she won't get to have.

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Breaks my heart. Fucking savages