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Milwaukee Buses: So Dangerous Now That Even Blacks are Complaining!

Black Sheriff and White Police Chief Tussle over Safety




Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn




Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke

By Nicholas Stix

According to WTMJ reporter Jermont Terry, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has suggested bus signs saying, "Ride at Your Own Risk," and "The Bus is Not for the Timid."

Sheriff Clarke and Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn are in conflict over the issue, with Sheriff Clarke implying that he can't protect riders on the county buses serving Milwaukee, and Chief Flynn suggesting that the Sheriff is malingering.

Since the current dangers affect blacks, rather than whites, even the media are interested in the story!



Attacks on bus drivers prompts new plans to protect them

Shields key in protecting drivers


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By Myra Sanchick

5:40 p.m. CST, December 9, 2011



The attack on a Milwaukee County Transit System bus driver is prompting drivers, the union and the bus company to come up with new plans to protect those drivers.


The Amalgamated Transit Union is calling for more bus security and is hopeful new funds just approved in the County budget will help.


Right now, 25 bus drivers have driver shields as part of a pilot test program.

Starting in 2012, any new bus ordered will be equipped with a driver shield.


A spokesperson for MCTS says they are looking for grants to retrofit current buses with the same types of shields.


Each existing bus is equipped with four security cameras.


"Beyond the cameras, we have an emergency alarm system. We make sure all of our operators have a direct connection to our emergency personnel through our dispatch center," said Jacqueline Janz from the Milwaukee County Transit System.


The union is working with drivers to see which driver shields work the best, so there isn't too much glare -- which could be a problem when they drive.






The only comment Fox permitted through was,


Dark D at 10:06 PM December 09, 2011

Just great, due to unruly blacks making sure that we lose that benefit of safe public transportation, why should they be concerned if they inconveinence anyone other than themselves...


Chief Flynn announces 5 arrests in county bus attacks, new MPD security plans

CREATED Dec. 16, 2011 - UPDATED: Dec. 16, 2011






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MILWAUKEE- Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn announced Friday that MPD has arrested five suspects for the "strong-arm robbery, battery and criminal damage to property in relation to those two incidents (attacks on Milwaukee County buses)."

Flynn reports two of the suspects are 15-year-olds, two are 17-year-olds and one is a 16-year-old.

By orders of Police Chief Flynn, city police officers will now patrol county bus stops and buses. This comes after several
violent attacks on county buses and day after Sheriff David Clarke said the transit system isn't safe.

Flynn addressed opinions shared by Sheriff Clarke and others about bus security. Flynn responded by saying, "If there are concerns about safety on the (county) buses, we will step up and provide that safety."

Sheriff Clarke calls the
recentspate of attacks on buses a big deal and needs to be addressed, but he doesn't have the staff to address that, saying, "I put a million dollars that I'm not budgeted for towards bus security...and now they're asking for more?"

Chief Flynn responded Friday saying, "The public pays us to protect them, not make excuses why we can't"

In the most recent attack on a bus, a group of teenagers assaulted a 24-year-old woman who had her 2 year-old son with her.

(Actually, as you'll see in the story below, the 24-year-old woman assaulted a 12-year-old girl named Angelique, with whom she had an ongoing beef. At first, the woman was beating the heck out of the girl, until one or more of the girl's friends helped the latter. The fight was apparently broken up, and everyone ordered off the bus. Both parties then went back on the bus, where the 12-year-old proceeded to stomp the 24-year-old almost to death.)


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Mom of girl seen stomping woman during bus attack speaks out

Maureen Wells looks at surveillance video, tells daughter's side of story

Fox 6 Milwaukee

Henry Rosoff

7:24 p.m. CST, December 20, 2011



Maureen Wells says she's the mother of 12-year-old Angelique, seen in surveillance video stomping a 24-year-old mother on a Milwaukee County bus last week. Authorities say the woman on the ground was trying to get to her two-year-old child.

Wells says when she saw the video she was shocked. "When I saw it, I was like 'I cannot believe this is my child, stomping a lady like this,'" Wells said.

Wells said in the video, you can clearly see the woman hit the 12-year-old girl first. Wells says her daughter and the 24-year-old woman had a run in earlier this year. She says when the two saw one another on the bus, the 24-year-old picked a fight. "The lady was handing her the phone like, here, you call whoever you want. They can get it too. Call anybody," Wells said.


In the surveillance video, you can clearly see Angelique knock away the cell phone, before the 24-year-old throws the first punch, and the fight finds its way to the floor. "She started beating my baby in her head," Wells said. A friend in pink tried to help Angelique out, and everyone eventually ends up outside, where Wells wishes her daughter would have stayed, but both parties involved got back on the bus. "She made the wrong choice. It was over," Wells said.

That's when the stomping incident occurs. Wells argues any 12-year-old would be worked up, though she's not excusing anything. "I understand my daughter. I'm not saying she was right. She even admits she was wrong," Wells said.

Wells says all the adults on the bus share the blame, from the driver who didn't stop to the onlookers, to the 24-year-old woman. "I'm not saying my daughter was right. I'm saying she was wrong in the first place," Wells said.

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