Tuesday, December 13, 2011

HLN Covers the Eve Carson Murder Trial on the Air, but Not at Its Web Site

By David in TN

Today HLN covered the Eve Carson murder on their 5pm Special Report and Prime News.

However, there is nothing at HLN’s home page, and a search of the site turns up nothing under “Eve Carson.”


Anonymous said...

The story made up the second half of the Special Report after the Jerry Sandusky news. The theme was what a great person Eve Carson was and that the killers did it for the $1400 they got from the ATM.

You can find video of testimony from each day of the trial at the WRAL site below. Readers might want to check HLN's 5 and 6pm shows the rest of the week to see if they continue to cover the Eve Carson murder trial.

David In TN

Jay Santos said...

The 1959 murder of Herbert Clutter and his family were chronicled in Capote's 1966 book.

This was so unusual as to have merited a book and whatever movies.

In 2011 this kind of thing is a monthly occurrence with negroes doing the killing. No books are written. The media does its best to cover up the details.

Where are we now?