Friday, December 23, 2011

Four Hispanic H.S. Girls in PA Frosted Birthday Cake with Feces, Sickening Four Raceless Kids and Their Mother

By Nicholas Stix

If these four criminals had instead been white, heterosexual males, they would surely have gotten jail time. But they are members of at least two unconstitutionally protected groups—Hispanics and females—and so are exempt from proper punishment. (Considering where this crime was committed, there’s a strong possibility that they are illegal anchor babies, as well.)

Some commenters argued, approvingly, that these offenders will now have a black mark for life on their records, harming their job prospects. Would that it were so! In an age of due diligence, diversity-style, it is unlikely that any potential employer will seriously check out their backgrounds. That’s the sort of thing you do with qualified members of a non-protected group—white, heterosexual men—in search of a pretext to not hire them. And if the offenders’ record should somehow cone out, they’ll just fob it off as a “youthful prank,” and all will be forgiven.

Meanwhile, as a couple of commenters noted, having these sadistic offenders complete part of their community service taking care of helpless nursing home patients would unacceptably endanger the patients.

I would be very interested to know the race and/or ethnicity of the victims, but it is highly unlikely that that information will ever be released.

[Thanks to reader-researcher “W,” for the sendalong.]

Former Avon Grove students sentenced for poop cake prank
Thursday, December 22, 2011
Daily Local News (Chester County, PA)

WEST CHESTER – Three former Avon Grove High School students admitted to playing a malicious prank on a classmate in which they “frosted” a birthday cake for her with a foul confection – human excrement.

The trio – Mayra Flores, 19, Ana Mireles, 18, and Sandra Ortiz, 18, all of Avondale – were sentenced to 22 months of probation on charges of recklessly endangering another person and conspiracy in connection with the March incident that was reported to state police by high school officials.

Common Pleas Court Judge William Mahon, in sentencing the teen-agers to 200 hours of community service that was called for in their plea agreements, said that he wanted to make sure they spent their time working at specific tasks – namely scrubbing toilets, urinals, and bed pans at area senior centers or nursing homes, or picking up dog droppings from area parks.

In addition, Flores and Mireles must each spend the first two months of the probationary sentences on electronic home confinement.

The three pleaded guilty on Monday.

According to court records, Trooper Daniel Covert responded to a call from the high school’s assistant principal, Christopher Matsanka, on March 24. Matsanka told the trooper a student at the school had come to him that morning to tell him her family was sickened by a cake that four of her fellow students had given her on March 23, her birthday.

The girl had shown the cake to a teacher, who sent her to Matsanka.

The girl told the assistant principal that Ortiz, Flores and Mireles and a fourth student, a juvenile, gave her the cake and repeatedly tried to get her to eat a piece of it in front of them. She finally did eat a small piece, the girl said.

She brought the cake home with her, and she and her mother and three siblings each shared the cake that night. They all thought the cake tasted so bad, however, that they threw it in garbage can. Later, as the cake started to smell bad, the girl took it out of the trash, wrapped it up, and brought it to school with her the following day to show to her teacher.

When Matsanka called the four students into his office, they admitted that they had put the feces they had gotten from a toilet in Ortiz’s home on the cake, “as a prank.” All four gave written statements admitting what they had done, police said.
Covert sent the cake to the state Health Department lab for testing. The lab found the presence of E coli bacteria on the cake, proving the presence of human feces.

The three adults were charged on June 13, and the juvenile was arrested about the same time. The juvenile, whose name was not released, is awaiting adjudication, and her three friends have agreed to testify against her if needed, according to Assistant District Attorney Carolyn DeLaurentis, who prosecuted the case.

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