Friday, December 16, 2011

As MSM Refuse to Publish Pic of Alleged Attacker Merle Lee at Jets’ Game,

Image Comes into Focus



Prior to allegedly being sucker punched by

Merle Lee, Victim James Mohr is wearing

jersey number 56




Victim James Mohr, after being sucker punched

and almost murdered



[Previously, at WEJB/NSU:


"White Jets Fan James Mohr Allegedly Sucker-Punched by Faceless, Raceless, Merle Lee"; and


"Jets Postgame Assault: Did One Assailant or 7 Jump James Mohr?"]


By Nicholas Stix


When white Jets fan James Mohr was sucker-punched and almost killed by a raceless man as he was leaving MetLife Stadium following Sunday's Jets-Chiefs game, the media immediately published and broadcast pictures of the victim. However, even though suspect Merle Lee, 35, was immediately arrested by fans at the scene—it's called a "citizen's arrest—and Lee's newest mug shot would have been available within hours, the MSM have steadfastly refused to show the public any pictures of him. This strongly suggests that Lee is not white. And I don't know of any Asian sucker-punch artists offhand.


(By the way, I've been getting tons of hits via Web searches for "Merle Lee of Newton," New Jersey. That was all anyone knew about the suspect, and they were trying in vain to find out more.)


Well, surprise, surprise. It turns out that Lee is a felon with a long list of prior convictions, never mind arrests, such that there are a great many, readily available "official" pictures of him, yet the MSM will not be moved to show any of them. And if it should turn out that Lee is black or Hispanic, will he be prosecuted under the hate crime laws?


That was a rhetorical question, even though it shouldn't be. If it should turn out that Lee is a non-white, I'll have no doubt that this was a racially motivated attack.


By the way, if Lee is such a loser, and tickets at MetLife Stadium not only cost $95-700 per person, and are almost impossible to buy (seats are sold out on a season basis), how did he even get into the game?


Finally, if you have a history of violence, or even of just having to defend yourself against violence, you know just how good of a punch you have. But then, sucker-punch artists rarely have a history of having to defend themselves.




Jets fan hit by ex-con

MetLife thug's rap sheet

Last Updated: 7:46 .m., December 16, 2011

Posted: 1:02 a.m., December 15, 2011


The cowardly thug busted for sucker-punching Jets fan James Mohr outside MetLife Stadium Sunday is a drug-dealing ex-con with a lengthy rap sheet, public records show.

Merle Lee, 35, of Newton, NJ, was charged with aggravated assault for the attack outside the New Jersey Meadowlands stadium after the Jets' 37-10 win over the Kansas City Chiefs.

The brute allegedly sucker-punched Mohr, 23, after the Queens schoolteacher objected to a woman screaming, "F--k New York!" and, "You all deserved what happened on 9/11!"

The diehard Jets fan told the woman her comments were disrespectful.

A man wearing a Kansas City Chiefs jersey got in his face and the pair had words, and then Lee ran up from behind and delivered the haymaker, witnesses told cops.

Anna Mohr, 28, said her brother never saw the blow coming.

"He said the next thing he recalls is waking up in the hospital," she said.

Mohr underwent extensive surgery Tuesday to repair a broken jaw, eye socket and cheekbone.

Lee was once sentenced to three years in a New Jersey prison [N.S.: "Sentenced,"sure, but how much time did he actually serve?] on a drug-dealing charge, and also has convictions for drug-possession, theft, DWI and other offenses, records show.

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"57 year old, mentally-impaired, White male beaten to death/robbed by three Black males after Black teen makes false allegations”:

Did I hear right...The two black killers face only 15 years maximum for Felony Murder??!

See video:

Charges Filed In Fatal West Allis Beating