Friday, December 23, 2011

Aisha Khan: Cops, MSM Aid in Cover-Up of “Disappearance” Hoax

Aisha Khan, Missing Kansas Student, Found Alive


First Posted: 12/22/11 08:24 AM ET Updated: 12/22/11 03:07 PM ET
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A KU student that went missing last week after leaving a disturbing voicemail on her sister's phone, was found on Wednesday night, apparently safe and unharmed.

Police said Aisha Khan had not been abducted.

The Kansas City Star has more:

Khan, a student at Johnson County Community College, was studying in Overland Park on the University of Kansas Edwards Campus before she vanished about 11 a.m. Friday. She had called her sister and said she had slapped a man who had tried to kiss her. Her sister drove to the campus to pick up Khan and found her sister's book bag and cellphone.

Reilly said the missing-person investigation was complete and no further action would be taken. He said he did not have information about where Khan was while relatives, friends and police officers searched for her the last six days.

Police made contact with Khan by phone on Wednesday night, concluding their highly publicized search for student.

"On behalf of the Khan family, we are ecstatic to announce that Aisha has been found," her family posted on the 'Help Find Aisha Khan' Facebook page. "She is safe and is unharmed. The family is truly grateful to each and every one of your support and encouragement during this difficult journey."

Aisha Khan

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Anonymous said...

i guess the bitch was sleeping with her ex boyfriend and she made this all scenerio to make her family and husband fool. she deserves one big slap atleast from me

Nicholas said...

She was supposed to be studying for finals. This got her out of taking finals.

She should be fined for every cent spent on searching for her, she and her family should be prosecuted for enginneering a hoax, and she should be expelled from school.

Anonymous said...

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