Friday, December 23, 2011

Four Black Men Gang-Rape, Disfigure Raceless Woman Near Metro Station in Greenbelt, MD

By Nicholas Stix

All of the civilians the WJLA reporter interviewed are black, suggesting that the victim was also black. However, one commenter asserted that the vic was white, but offered no citation or link supporting said claim. And yet, that they beat her so severely in the face, in order to disfigure her, does make one wonder. Racist black men and women alike are obsessed with disfiguring whites.

One commenter asked, incredulously, what took WJLA so long to report on this crime.

And with these guys hanging around the Metro station in the middle of the night, you have to wonder if this was their first such attack. When The Boss heard the WJLA report, she suggested that these guys might have struck before, but their victims might not have reported the attack to the police, especially if they’re neighborhood guys who might have threatened additional attacks, in retaliation. (Not that refraining from reporting them to the police would offer any protection!)

According to the Census Bureau, Greenbelt (city) is 40.4 percent white alone, and 42.9 percent black alone. The Census did not break down Hispanic vs. Non-Hispanic population for the town of 21,536, and I have no figures on the neighborhood in question.

Reader-researcher RC, whom I thank for this story wrote,

Greenbelt, Maryland is home to the Goddard Space Flight Center.

But the D.C. Metro line bisects it.

Surprised by what happened?

Woman gang-raped near Greenbelt Metro
By Greta Kreuz
December 22, 2011 - 05:51 pm


A 24-year-old College Park woman who had left the Greenbelt Metro station and was walking along Cherrywood Lane around 4 a.m. was gang raped early Saturday.

Police say up to four men jumped out and dragged her back near a wooded area. They raped her and beat her. The ordeal lasted for nearly an hour.

The victim finally managed to get back out to Cherrywood Lane and flag down some joggers, who called police. She was treated at the hospital for severe facial injuries and released Saturday night.

“I've been a police officer here in Greenbelt for 27 years and this is certainly one of the most disturbing incidents that has occurred during my time here,” says one officer.

News of the attack startled people who walk in the area of the assault, which is near a community center, the Franklin Park apartments and a small garbage-strewn creek.

“Why would somebody do that do her, like at random--people is cruel around here,” says Raynell Dawkins.

Anyone with any information about last Saturday's gang rape along Cherrywood Lane is asked to contact Greenbelt Police Criminal Investigations Unit at 301-542-2133.


Anonymous said...

Considering the racist censorship of the Corrupt Liberal Media, the race of the victim may not be known for a while. But I would give odds that she is white.

Here is a new blog that is documenting black racism and race hatred with information from similar news stories:

I found your link on that site.

Nicholas said...

(I found this comment posted to the item on the Aisha Khan hate crime hoax which follows it, but am sure that it was meant for this one, and thus have re-posted it here.)

Anonymous said...
The entire subway system (the Metro) in DC has noticeably deteriorated in the last 10 years. The number of delays, breakdowns, and crime have significantly increased. The obvious fate of the system is that of any Black Run Organization such as most bus systems, the USPS, most criminal probation systems, Detroit, and Zimbabwe. With an average IQ of 85 it is simply impossible to run a complex system. A population with an average IQ of 85 can live happy productive lives, but only in an institutional setting, such as the church or the military. The fate of the Metro is the same as what has befallen the Baltimore Bus System; sporadic intermittent service on par with a third world country and woe be unto any Caucasian who dares enter.
Greenbelt is in the black majority Prince Georges County, It is unfit of human habitation, as expected. The police force is also majority black and crimes against whites are under-reported, condoned and even encouraged by the black power structure. This is genocide pure and simple, and all those involved should be tried and punished according to the standards used for the trials used after WWII. I find the most frightening aspect of this holocaust is the propaganda pushed in the schools and media. Is it 1984?

Sample links, many more exist, search and you will find, then decide for yourself
Stop the Genocide of the White Race