Monday, December 12, 2011

Chicago Tribune Breaks with Policy, and Racially IDs Perps in Home Invasion!


3 children and nanny held in bathroom during LaGrange home invasion

By Deanese Williams-Harris

1:43 p.m. CST, December 9, 2011

Chicago Tribune

[N.S.: The Trib did not permit comments on this story. It would have deleted them all, anyway]


Three children and their nanny were forced at gunpoint into a bathroom during a home invasion this morning in southwest suburban LaGrange, officials said.

The nanny was placing the children, ages 2, 5 and 6, into a car outside an apartment complex near 47th Street and LaGrange Road when three men approached at about 8:30 a.m., according to LaGrange Police Chief Michael Holub.

Two of the men had guns, he said. The group ordered the nanny back into the apartment with the children, Holub said. Once inside, the robbers put the nanny and the children inside a bathroom and told the nanny not to come out, police said.

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The nanny stayed in the bathroom with the children for about 45 minutes until she was sure the robbers had left, then called police.

The apartment was ransacked, but the nanny and the children were unharmed, police said this afternoon.

Police described one of the robbers as black, with a dark complexion and in his 30s. He was about 6 feet tall and weighed about 250 pounds. He was wearing a knit hat, a dark gray sweatshirt and dark pants. He was armed with a semi-automatic handgun, police said.

The second robber was also black and in his 30s, with a light complexion, police said. He was about 5 feet, 8 inches tall and weighed about 180 pounds. He was sporting a "twisted goatee" and was wearing a light brown sweatshirt and dark pants. He also was armed with a handgun, police said.

The third suspect, also black, was in his 20s, about 6 feet tall and weighed about 150 pounds, police said. He was unarmed and wearing a black hat and black shirt.



[The Illinois reader who sent this commented,


More negroes behaving badly.


This is LaGrange. I work right next to the place. Nearly 100 % whitey. And these three thugs are all negro. And wanted. Those kids and nanny were lucky they emerged alive and in one piece. NOT raped and killed.


And this La Grange is right next to Indian Head Park where the whitey girl was killed by the negro thug recently. Indian Head Park I drive through every day.


[Regarding the Indian Head Park murder see, at WEJB/NSU:


"The Kelli O'Laughlin Slaying: The Crazy Card, Again."]


They will just not leave us alone. When I first saw the headline I had a bad hunch as to what this was about and I was right. La Grange is almost all whitey and is very very safe. But not now. And you knew it was them because of the type of crime and where it was committed.


Anonymous said...

I hate to say it but I feel just a little less sympathy when the wealthy are victims of this sort of crime. Much of Racial Correctness is just class warfare by another means, a particularly vicious means, and as long as we allow the wealthy, particularly the upper middle class, to retreat to semi-segregated whitopias and gated communities it will continue until it consumes us. They should be made to bear the brunt of the policies and beliefs they support and administer. Their kids should be bussed to half black and brown schools and a section 8 house should be built on every block of their subdivisions. Isn't the theory of desegregation and section 8 that blacks benefit from being around successful people in stable areas? Who better?

jeigheff said...

Anonymous, I'd like to respectfully disagree with you, on the grounds that all well-to-do white people are not necessarily self-destructive liberals.

However, I remembered something about my own brother a minute ago. He's an attorney and lives in Dallas. He has been sensibly cautious about crime from almost the time he moved there. A couple years ago, however, he decided to become a Democrat. As I listened to him describe how his employer is a big Democrat, how his employer knows the Clintons, etc., it became clear why my brother made this political switch.

Some might say that we can no longer count of the Republicans to stand for conservative values, that there isn't much difference between the Dems and Repubs, etc. In spite of that, I wasn't happy to see my own brother step into the ranks of the enemy. (At least his wife gave him some shit about it!) I regret that he has given his support to the political party that has birthed so much pain and corruption on this country (not that the Repubs are innocent themselves.)

Needless to say, I wish no harm on my brother's family, in spite of his foolish decision. I also don't wish home invasions on anyone.

Anonymous said...

You've got to expand your thinking beyond largely phony Democrat/Republican horse race politics. The issue isn't as simple as the destructiveness of wealthy liberals, the issue is that the upper classes, particularly the upper middle class, has purposely been allowed to opt out of most of the burden of "multiculturalism", including most of its legal burdens, as a divide, conquer, and destroy policy. Most have willingly taken their 30 pieces of silver and opted out of the struggle because it only marginally affected them. Actually it's worse than that: most of these people have a seething class hatred of, and an obsession with distinguishing themselves from, those below them. They gleefully use race as a weapon, a very murderous weapon at that, against those they consider their class inferiors. You can bet most of the big shots at your brother's law firm look down their noses at those grubby, "racist rednecks" below them and will willingly throw them under the bus when the Establishment suggests it, as a matter of class solidarity and personal profit. You can also bet that not many Negroes live in their neighborhoods. That's what I mean by class warfare by another means.

jeigheff said...

I hear you, Anonymous. I can't argue with your comments, nor do I want to.

Some trivia for you: one of the more interesting articles written on recently described the attitude of "elites" in South Carolina in the years before the Civil War. We got slang terms like "peckerwood" and "cracker" from elite whites who looked down on other whites at that time.

To tell you the truth, I am gravely concerned about the lack of wisdom and wickedness in our nation, and the conduct of those who consider themselves to be "elite" (perhaps one of the greater expressions of vanity from a biblical perspective.) I don't know if you're Jewish or Christian, or not. But from a biblical point of view, it grieves me that in many ways, our nation has given itself up to lawlessness and wickedness.

Again, I'm not arguing with you. We have much in common. And I also realize that I might sound kind of preachy. If you can, forgive me, especially if you're not a believer. These things are on my mind these days. I'm afraid that we do indeed live in "perilous times."