Saturday, December 31, 2011

Three Numbers from Singin’ in the Rain: Good Mornin,’ Make ‘em Laugh!, and the Title Number

By Nicholas Stix

Good Mornin’!

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I’d forgotten that this was from Singin’ in the Rain. I thought it was about 10 years older. I used to sing part of it to my son when he was a baby, and later would often sing that bit walking home, after dropping him off at school.


Make ‘em Laugh!

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Singin’ in the Rain

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Singin’ in the Rain, an affectionate, though not terribly accurate send-up of the early talkie era was released in 1952. But historically accurate or no, it’s one of the greatest musicals in screen history, with only West Side Story (1961), The Wizard of Oz (1939), An American in Paris (1951) and Show Boat (the 1951 remake) as competition. (That last year also gave us Royal Wedding; pretty good year for musicals!)

Of Singin’s stars, only Debbie Reynolds, now 79, is still alive. She hadn’t yet settled on the “Debbie Reynolds look” that she still wears in public, and while performing. Gene Kelley (1912-1996) and Donald O’Connor (1925–2003), co-starred with her, with Kelley sharing directorial duties with young Stanley Donen, now 87.

I believe that Kelley’s co-director status derived from his role as choreographer, the way Jerome Robbins got the same deal on West Side Story. Kelley was unable to get that status on movies he made with Vincente Minelli, such as An American in Paris.

I thank my favorite, 11-year-old Youtube scholar for providing today’s entertainment.

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