Monday, November 15, 2010

Update: Suspect Arrested in Houston Murder of Good Samaritan Samuel Irick

By Nicholas Stix

See: “Samuel Irick, American Hero, RIP.”

Reader-researcher RC just sent along this update. Yesterday, Houston police arrested 39-year-old Anthony Ray Ferrell for the murder of Sam Irick. Ferrell has been charged with capital murder.

(P.S. In most jurisdictions, "capital murder" means murder that was committed in the course of committing a separate felony. It is a type of first-degree murder charge, though without requiring that the people prove premeditation, and upon conviction for the full charge, may issue in whatever the maximum allowable sentence is in that jurisdiction. In Texas, that would be the death penalty.)

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Anonymous said...

We, of course, must make sure we honor the rights of this alleged, supposed, accused, feral sub-human who may have, might have, is thought to be cold-blooded killer of a White man.

Annoyed In Illinois