Friday, November 19, 2010

Lockhart Gets “Life Without Parole”

Lauren Burk, who was murdered, but who went down fighting.

By David in TN

The jury took only an hour to reach a sentence of “life without parole.”

Strangely, the prosecution didn’t call a single witness during the sentencing phase. Lauren Burk’s family seems to accept the result.

Lockhart’s mother offered a “tearful apology.” His father, whom Lockhart hadn’t seen in 20 years, testified about “not being there for his son.”


Twenty-six-year-old murderer and attempted rapist, Courtney Lockhart.

The racial makeup of the jury was finally described. It consisted of 9 whites and 3 blacks.

NS: Translation of “life without parole”: 10-20 years inside.

As bad as it is that Lockhart was not sentenced to death, and that he will likely get out of jail a reasonably young man, with the option of again murdering innocents, things could have gone much worse. At least he and his family showed remorse. Contrast that to the demeanor of Vanessa Coleman and her family, in the Knoxville Horror case. Coleman should have been convicted of capital murder and rape, and sentenced to death, for the gang-rape, savage beating, sexual torture, and murder of Channon Christian. Instead, as a black and a female, she got a double affirmative action bonus from racist and sexist jurors and mischievous Judge Richard Baumgartner, and was thus only convicted of “facilitating” the rape and murder of Channon Christian, and sentenced to 53 years in prison.

And though (or because?) Channon Christian’s brutalized, disfigured corpse was barely recognizable, Coleman and her family showed no remorse whatsoever. Indeed, following the gang-rape-torture murders of Christian and her boyfriend, Christopher Newsom, Coleman wrote in her diary, “I’ve had one hell of an adventure in the big TN,” and “Ha Ha.” When she was interrogated by police days later, she mentioned nothing untoward regarding Christian’s appearance or condition, even just before she was murdered. Coleman talked instead of the hearty breakfast she cooked for her partners in crime. At Coleman’s sentencing, she winked at people in court, and her father was—and remains—defiant. Greg Coleman wants a white female who had nothing to do with his daughter’s crimes, punished in her stead.

If America’s diversitopian transformation is permitted to continue, it will become harder and harder, and eventually, impossible, to get convictions at any level of punishment in open-and-shut cases of racist, black-on-white, or brown-on-white murder.


Anonymous said...

There is another point to make about the murder of Lauren Burk. She was not jogging alone in Washington D.C. like Chandra Levy, nor did she get in a car with 3 unknown men while drunk as did Natalee Holloway.

Lauren Burk was abducted while leaving her boy friend's apartment, something one does every day. Channon Christian was taken, along with her boy friend, Chris Newsom, outside her best friend's apartment.

Neither was doing anything you would consider foolish. The fact is that predators hang around apartment complexes looking for these kinds of victims, especially at night. The world is more dangerous than many want to believe and is going to become more so.

David In TN

Anonymous said...

I think you're mistaken about a life sentence meaning 10-20 years. Those days are long over. It's not the 1970's anymore.