Sunday, November 07, 2010

2,243,590: Comprehensive Immigration Reduction


(My colleague Paul Streitz sent me this essay back in August, but it unfortunately got buried in the never-ending blizzard of racist murder stories, letters notifying me of $5 million bequests from Nigeria, etc. So, with apologies to Paul for not publishing it earlier, here goes.)

By land, by sea, by air and through the birth canals, the legals and illegals keep arriving.

2,243,590 new arrivals per year.

Several years ago I suggested to the leaders of the immigration control movement that they needed a term to describe what they wanted. The term I suggested was "comprehensive immigration reform." I further suggested that there be one omnibus bill drawn up that all American patriots could support. This strategy was not adopted and there have been piecemeal pieces of legislation. None too effective. Amnesty advocates adopted the slogan "Comprehensive Immigration Reform," which sounds like a positive, until Americans decode it to amnesty.

I am suggesting again that a comprehensive approach be taken, and one piece of legislation drawn up that reduce legal immigration, and stop all illegal immigration, of which anchor babies are a part. (They are not American citizens and the approach that because they are born in the country, they therefore are de facto citizens should be dealt with for what it is, a transparent miscarriage of the law.)

COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REDUCTION is what we should be after. An all- encompassing strategy. This term I hope will be used to define what immigration patriots want. Language is important. "Anchor babies" was said first by someone and it stuck because it exactly defined what they were. I hope that COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REDUCTION can become the term we use.

Another term that might be used, and you will see its applicability (first mentioned by Ron Bass of United Patriots), is “a Trojan mosque.”

You can go to the renamed website, and see the numbers. If you would like to send a message to our immigration leaders (FAIR, NumbersUSA, VDARE, American Patrol, etc.), please do so. Also, there are buttons and bumper stickers available.

Look forward to your comments and if you want any people added to the email letter/petition, please give me the name and email address and I will do so.


Paul Streitz
Comprehensive Immigration Reduction

(Note from Paul Streitz: This is the first time a chart of total entries per year, legal, illegal and anchor babies has been put together. Or at least, I cannot find any other. The numbers might be adjusted, but nevertheless the number is staggering and Americans are not aware of the total. Over two million is a staggering number.)

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