Friday, November 12, 2010

Cody Alicea Update: “It isn’t Safe for an American Boy to Fly the American Flag in California”

By David in TN

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“Johnny Cash: Ragged Old Flag.”)

As of five hours ago, the authorities have reversed course, and are allowing Cody to fly the American flag. The reason given for ordering the flag removed was that Cody would be assaulted and it wasn’t safe for an American boy to fly the American flag in California.

Isn’t this an amazing admission?

“I’m supposed to be free in this country and I should be able to fly the flag wherever I want to,” he told Fox40.

Apparently, he wasn’t alone.

[School Superintendent Edward Parraz, who had previously ordered Cody to take down his flag] says the school got flooded with so many complaints from upset parents both inside and outside of Denair that he was called into to “handle the situation.”

“It was crazy” he said.

Parraz says the school decided on Friday to allow Cody to display his flag again, and now it will be shifting its focus to the students who complained.

“In no way did we want to take that right away from Cody,” Parraz told Fox40 on Friday. “…We think we know who the instigators are that were trying to do that and we need to meet with their parents and those students to just kind of explain that this isn’t what we want to have. We want to make sure that our kids can appreciate a safe environment and be able to have the American flag.”

“School Reverses Course After Ordering Student to Remove American Flag from Bike,” Fox News, November 12, 2010.

This time, the patriots won. But as Thomas Jefferson observed, “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

NS: Cody Alicea, I salute you as one of my heroes.

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