Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Scandal-Plagued, Racist NYC Schools Chancellor Joel Klein Quits, to Work for Murdoch’s NewsCorp

By Nicholas Stix

The legacy of Joel Klein’s eight-year reign as New York City schools chancellor will be his pioneering of new frontiers in test fraud, and his continuation of the race war that the city has waged on working-class and middle-class whites (and later, Asians, too) since the inauguration of Mayor John V. Lindsay on January 1, 1966.

Klein is yet another case of a member of the ruling elite—the incompetent, venal losers whom David Brooks calls, without irony, “the valedictocrats”—failing upward, after years devoted to robbing gifted, hardworking, white and Asian children of their hard-earned life chances, and instead rewarding untalented, violent, black and Hispanic malingerers.


South Georgia N.Stix Fan said...

Sounds like Joe Klein is doing all the right things to win some fancy sounding Human Rights award, or Dignity award, or something like that from the Kennedy Center, which gave same to our former Gov. Roy Barnes for ridding Georgia of the "outdated, shameful, and racist" 1956 segregation state flag with our beloved Confederate symbol in it. Barnes has lost two governor's races since then, and won none.

But he's got 16 million clams in the bank, so he's not worrying for nothing, and probably will be given another award by more of the same.

Joe Klein, et al, know the game better than we do- they play it and win. We just sit in front of our computers banging out hate while hoping somebody who can make a difference will read our wisdom and go out and do something that lasts, like outlawing Affirmative Action and building a border fence.

We wait while they all get rich.

Nicholas said...

You're right, of course, but what else can we do? We stick to the letter and spirit of the law, while crooked racists like Klein tread all over the law and us and, as you say, laugh all the way to the bank. And increasingly, whites (Jeremiah Munsen, the Mizzou Two, et al.) are being arrested and railroaded, without having broken any laws.

Whites used to obey the law not just out of prudence, but also out of morality and patria. Now, prudence is all that is left, and the way the elites are dispossessing and disnefranchising whites, soon increasing numbers of the latter will have nothing left to lose by likewise treading under foot the laws of a tyrannical power.