Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lauren Burk Murder Trial: The Prosecution Rests

Lauren Burk

By David in TN

Today, the prosecution rested in the Lauren Burk murder trial.

Yesterday, the jury viewed the tape of the suspect’s police interview. The suspect, Courtney Lockhart, gave his story of what happened.

Experts also testified that Lockhart had Burk’s blood on his shirt when arrested.


Courtney Lockhart


On the tape, Lockhart told of driving around the Auburn campus that day until he spotted Lauren Burk. Do you sort of wonder what Lockhart’s purpose was in driving around a college campus?

“I came up behind her and made her get in the car...and she was just screaming,” Lockhart said on tape.

Lockhart admitted that he made Miss Burk take her clothes off. He said that she begged for her life and offered to help him, but Lockhart supposedly said that she couldn’t. The gun “went off.”

The defense is presumably going to be post traumatic stress on an “Iraq war veteran.”

The Daily Beast, of all people, had a piece on the case a week ago entitled, “PTSD: How the U.S. Army Failed Veteran Courtney Lockhart.” The theme of the article is that Lockhart should not get the death penalty, because the war made him a killer.

NS: If ‘the war made Lockhart a killer,’ shouldn’t The Daily Beast be arguing against his being prosecuted at all? Or is it racist to be logically consistent?

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Anonymous said...

The jury has begun work on Thursday morning by taking a second look at the suspect's 90 minute vidotaped confession.

On Wednesday afternoon, the jury began deliberations, but came back to ask the judge the meaning of intent.

The possible verdicts are capital murder, the lesser charge of felony murder, not guilty or not guilty by reason of insanity. A verdict of capital murder would require a penalty phase to consider the death penalty.

David In TN