Friday, November 12, 2010

American Flag Banned … in America?! At Yet Another California School, Officials Grant Reconquista Students Veto Right

By Nicholas Stix

See “Johnny Cash: Ragged Old Flag.”

In California’s Stanislaus County, 13-year-old patriot, Cody Alicea, posted a small American flag on a stick on his bike, out of respect. Denair Middle School officials and Superintendent Edward Parraz disrespected the flag, the First Amendment, and Cody, by ordering him to remove the flag.

The anti-Americans’ cover story: Safety. According to Parraz, showing the American flag “cause[s] kind of a racial tension which we don't really want.”

Parraz has the sort of gift for double-talk seen in politicians at the highest levels of criminality.

Our Hispanic, you know, kids will, you know, bring their Mexican flags and they'll display it, and then of course the kids would do the American flag situation, and it does cause kind of a racial tension which we don't really want. We want them to appreciate the cultures.

Translation: The Hispanic kids, many or most of whom are illegal alien invaders, are racist and anti-American, and threaten patriotic American kids, whom we believe should submit in the stealing and destruction of their country, and so we are banning them from bringing Old Glory. Viva la Reconquista!

Because Cody was raised as a proper, American boy, he complied with the school. Because the invaders were raised like trash, they have refused to back down. His dad, Robert Kisner, is going to have be less polite and sue. There is talk of “compromise,” but you don’t compromise the American flag.

A tip ‘o the hat to American Renaissance.

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Anonymous said...

AS of 4 hours ago, the authorities have reversed course and are allowing Cody to fly the American flag. The reason given for ordering the flag removed was that Cody would be assaulted and it wasn't safe for an American boy to fly the Ameeican flag in California.

Isn't this an amazing admission?

David In TN