Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Lauren Burk Murder: A Summary

By David in TN

This article from the Opelika-Auburn News is a summary of how Lauren Burk was murdered and her killer, Courtney Lockhart, arrested. It starts out with:

The boy who made his mother laugh never came home.

The girl who made hearts glow is gone, too.

The first two sentences imply both are victims. The entire article describes a murder that calls for the death penalty, if one ever did. The killer obviously knew exactly what he was doing and had complete control of his faculties.

Note that Lockhart contradicted himself during his police interview, saying at one point that Lauren handed him $200 in cash and begged him to leave. Lockhart said he didn’t want her money.

1 comment:

Old Marine said...

Typical, He meant to rob her but denied it. Then took only 48 dollars and burned the rest... plus her ipod and credit card.

He kidnapped her and made her strip but claims he didn't plan to rape her.

Shot and killed her for no reason and with no forethought.

And after hisn"cunningly" burning her car, he uses the credit card and keeps her bloodspattered t shirt. Some mastermind.

His excuse, nobody helped him after
coming back from Iraq. Well you assaulted your fellow soldiers and did drugs in Iraq and got brig time and a dishonorable discharge. You don't get benefits you didn't earn, He was just a uniformed criminal, not a soldier and since his wartime experience was with ieds and mortars, he obviously wasn't even in the infantry but some job in supply or some such.

Even the Army couldn't teach him the basics of the consequences of his actions .. he is no victim... just another gibs me dat, drugged out black who thinks the world owes him.

I am a disabled combat infantryman and a saw far more than him and nobody helped me either. You are supposed to help ypur country and yourself.

I took the GI bill benefit I enlisted to get, got my education and made a life for myself and my family without drugs or crime just as millions before and after me.