Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Please Do Not Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses Yearning to Leech Off of Others

By Nicholas Stix

My friend and colleague Paul Nachman wrote on Saturday that the State Department is gearing up to restart the fraud-riddled, Priority 3 ["P-3"] Family Reunification category of the refugee program.

I sent the following letter yesterday which, unfortunately, was the last day to opine on the matter, as far as State was concerned.

DS-7656 AOR

Ms. Delicia Spruell
U.S. State Department

Dear Ms. Spruell:

I am writing to oppose State’s restarting of the Priority 3 ["P-3"] Family Reunification category of the refugee program.

My reasons follow:

1. The program was shut down, after it was exposed as a fraud magnet;
2. It was overwhelmingly being used to bring people into the country who were not refugees, according to the U.N.’s definition;
3. The “family members” who were then being brought in, were not even related to the non-refugees who had previously been admitted;
4. The new “family members” were not even related to each other;
5. Even if the State Department were to radically improve to where it could manage to find a single, legitimate refugee, that would still not justify the chain migration of said refugee’s relatives.

In addition to the above, I oppose America even taking on real refugees anymore. We’ve been ripped off for so many trillions of dollars supporting free riders, domestic and foreign, over the past 50 years, that we can no longer afford to support even the deserving. That’s what profligate and corrupt mismanagement does to a nation.


N. Stix

P.S. While I did not say so in my letter to State, I believe that restarting P-3 is part of the strategy of the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama” to bring in tens of millions of non-white foreigners, in order to reduce whites to a minority in their own country, and thereby to economically dispossess, politically disenfranchise, and physically destroy them.

Speaking of genocide, have you seen Jack Ryan’s powerful, new video about genocidal racist Tim Wise?

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Californian said...

If we are going to have immigration from Africa, how about Whites who are fleeing from Mugabe's regime in Zimbabwe? Or from the crime and dysfunction of the new rainbow nation of South Africa?