Friday, November 19, 2010

Lauren Burk and Courtney Lockhart: The World is More Dangerous Than Many Want to Believe, and is Going to Get Worse

Knoxville Horror victims, Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.
Lauren Burk

By David in TN

There is another point to make about the murder of Lauren Burk. She was not jogging alone in Washington D.C., like Chandra Levy, nor did she get in a car with three unknown men, while drunk, as did Natalee Holloway.

Lauren Burk was abducted while leaving her boyfriend's apartment, something one does every day. Channon Christian was taken, along with her boyfriend, Chris Newsom, outside her best friend's apartment.


Knoxville Horror ringleader, Lemaricus Davidson, left. Murderer and attempted rapist, Courtney Lockhart, right.

Neither was doing anything you would consider foolish. The fact is that predators hang around apartment complexes looking for these kinds of victims, especially at night. The world is more dangerous than many want to believe, and is going to become moreso.


Californian said...

And, we might ask ourselves, where is the federal government when you need it? If the feds can have 60,000 TSA agents making "safety" a "priority," then why can't we have 60,000 federal agents on the streets protecting people from violent criminals? More Americans are killed by the kind of violent crime you grimly detail than are done in by terrorists. It's one more example of the ongoing insanity in this country.

Anonymous said...

First, the author should get his facts straight. Lauren Burk was abducted at a college dorm parking lot, not an apartment complex. I attended this college and lived in the same dorm; I know this area well. Secondly, to the Californian: this is a local police jurisdiction, why do you think the Feds would be involved? You can argue that the campus needed more cameras, better patrolling, better lighting, or even alarm systems. I would not disagree with that. But are the police going to be present in every parking lot, at every moment to protect you from sickos who are stalking people, like Courtney Lockhart? Its going to take both better monitoring of parking lots and personal safety habits. Anyway, you just made an argument for a wall - its permanent and the resources and funding can be better spent on other areas of security for our citizens.